Harley Quilt Update

It has been awhile since I have shared anything regarding my first ever quilt I am making which will eventually become an heirloom, hopefully, for one of my ancestors. People have been asking to see pictures. So here is a bit of an update. This first picture shows when I started ripping out the borders. Yep I ripped them all out because the seams weren't the proper size. 

I then re-pinned and started again.

Close to finishing with the borders. It went smooth this time except I was a little short on two of the colors and needed to buy more fabric.

Once the borders were completed I cut the fabric (using my cutting mat from now on! lol) that is to be sewn in between the squares and laid it out on my floor.

Now I am sewing the fabric that goes in between the squares on each row.

and pressing the seams.

The four rows are complete!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

Copyright © 2011 Cheryl Palmer


  1. I love the fabric you've chosen to go in between - it gives a colorful contrasting effect.

  2. Okay, you came to CO ( I saw the t=shirt with Loveland in the picture )and didn't stop and see me. I know we probably didn't know each other then BUT I am only 15 minutes away from there.
    Joyce ( since I am anonymous )

  3. It's going to be bright and beautiful when it's finished!

  4. wowowowowow!! I love quilts & this one is SUPER!! I hope I can see it in person someday!!
    Good job Cheryl!! : ))
    hugs ... xoxoxoxox

  5. It looks fabulous.
    It also looks like it might be finished someday. I find this amazing, maybe I'll get my half-finished one out of the basement


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