So Very Grateful... and Roots Magic!

I am so very grateful to you, all of my followers! The time taken to comment on blogs can be very time consuming, let alone reading and keeping up with so many of them. There are a few of you who have been pretty consistent commenting here on my posts. I thank you all!

I do my best trying to make comments on others blogs, but I find I don't do as much as I would like. I keep vowing to do better! I do try to comment on various blogs, to try to spread the wealth so to speak. I do not know how many blogs I follow in my reader, but I know there are several hundred. It has gotten to be more than I can keep up with anymore! Top that with leaving comments here and there and wow, very time consuming. But, oh how I love to read all those posts!

Needless to say, I am appreciating more and more the time taken to leave a comment here. Again, I wish to thank all of you who have done so! I have kept track all year who has left comments here on Heritage Happens, and how many times. As my token of appreciation, on January 1, 2011, I will announce the person who has left the most comments on my blog and award them with a copy of Roots Magic!

I would like to give special thanks to Bruce Buzbee for donating this wonderful program. Thank you Bruce! Bruce read that I sent a Roots Magic program to a new found cousin in Sweden (who didn't have a genealogy program) when I originally was going to use it as a gift here. Bless his heart! He asked me to send him my address and he sent me a Roots Magic program to give away here, on Heritage Happens! I am so blessed and am thrilled to be able to give this to a lucky winner in a couple days!

Be sure to check back on New Years' Day to see who wins Roots Magic!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. Bruce is just the best, isn't he. I've been a very loyal user because of a generous thing he did when I first purchased it years ago. He's the best at Customer Service and at writing the best genealogy software on the market! I work with many people in our church and go to their homes to help them get started. They always download the RM Essentials and after a few minutes end up buying the full program online. And off we go!

  2. I have used a few different ones and this is the one I use now. If only I could get all the best parts of each program combined into one.

  3. I use Rootsmagic (old version) for some things and Family Historian for others. I keep meaning to update my RM to see all the new benefits, but can't face having to re-learn it!

  4. I just don't take the time to leave a comment when I really enjoy reading the blog post.
    I will try to do better in 2011.

  5. Well, I'm going to leave a comment just to tell you that I have so enjoyed reading your blog this year (and previous years). (I have a Mac, so wouldn't be using Roots Magic.) Here's looking forward to more good reads in 2011!

  6. Becky, he is the best! I understand what you mean by staying loyal. When someone treats you so well, you only want to be loyal! How great you can introduce so many to Roots Magic!

    Lori E, I know sometime you like certain things about different programs. I find that also which makes it tough to choose.

    Jo, I think you will find Roots Magic 4 wonderful! I understand about learning again, sometimes it gets old. But there is a lot of help out there, and I know you will love it!

    Harriet,I try to leave at least 3-5 comments when I read the blog posts, but out of how many I subscribe to, that is not near enough.

    Greta, thank you for all of your wonderful comments! You are SOOO good at commenting on everyones blogs! I see you here there and everywhere! Nice job!


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