Advent Calendar Day 8 ~ Christmas Cookies

[Reprinted ~ Advent Calendar Day 8 ~  Christmas Cookies from Dec. 2009]

Traditionally, Norwegian and Danish baked at least seven different types of cookies before Christmas. It carried over from the 19th century. It seemed that the more types of cookies you baked the wealthier you were. Scandinavian cookie recipes were handed down from generation to generation, but not in my immediate family. There was never cookie making when I was a child growing up. I am starting to feel as though I missed so much as a child. At least I have memories to share of Christmas cookies and baking as an adult, along with a new tradition.

The first time I was really involved in baking Christmas Cookies was about 25 years ago. A friend hosted a Christmas cookie and tea party. The idea was to bake 6 dozen of one kind of cookie. Then we would meet for cookies and tea and exchange a dozen of the cookies we baked with each of the other five people. Suddenly we had 6 dozen different home made cookies!

It was great to have the beautiful cookies for holiday gifting or when company stopped by. What an easy way to get 6 dozen different cookies without all the shopping and mess. We only did this a few years and then somehow we all seemed to go our separate ways. It was fun, I wouldn't mind doing it again.

Last year my daughter and I started the new tradition. Although she is now an adult with two small children, we finally spent a day making Christmas cookies together, just the two of us. It would have been much nicer if my other daughter had been here also, but she was in Tennessee, so she couldn't just pop on over.

We spend the whole day, I believe was about 9 hours, making cookies. I think we made eight or nine different kinds. We bought containers and made gift packages to give away to people we worked with, neighbors and friends. We have set up our baking date this year, it is still a couple of weeks away. We both are looking forward to this day once more!

Last year when we were almost done for the day, my then 2 year old grandson came over and helped us decorate the cookies. A tradition has also started for him. I have the pictures he will be able to share with his children and grandchildren, should he have them. It is never to late to start a new tradition. I seem to have started a few in my time!

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  1. I can almost smell those cookies. This is a tradition I would like to start and it is good to know that it is not to late to start a new tradition.

  2. Hi LindaRe, It is never to late to start a new tradition! As you can see my daughter and I did it recently!


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