Advent Calendar Day 7 ~ Holiday Parties

[Reprinted ~ Advent Calendar Day 7 ~  Holiday Parties from Dec. 2009]

Holiday parties weren't anything I have a recollection of when I was young. The only celebrations my parents had were of the actual day it's self, Christmas. I am sure they attended Holiday parties as I am sure my grandparents did also.

There was a period of time when my husband and I hosted Christmas parties at our home. We invited our friends and co-workers. The first year over 100 people showed up. I can remember all of a sudden realizing there were so many people in my house I couldn't move. Thank goodness we live in California and the weather wasn't bad, the over flow starting venturing outside.

Back in those days, we supplied everything. All of the food and alcohol. It was a lot of work and such a busy time of year for me, but somehow I managed to host these parties for several years before giving them. Cost plus time were both factors. I loved hosting those parties, it was a gift I could give to all of my friends.

Since those times about fifteen years ago, things have changed and people tend to help by bringing an hors d'oeuvre and or alcohol. Actually this was happening when we hosted parties, I just wanted to supply everything, as I said before, it was my gift to them.

About ten years later we hosted a few "Christmas Lights Runs" at our home for one of the Harley Davidson Chapters we belong to. One of the runs the Chapter does takes the riders to see Christmas light displays in different neighborhoods. The evening run ended at our home where "HOG" members would find hot drinks and snacks and/or desserts. These parties weren't as much work as the first parties we hosted were, but they were as much fun!

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