Advent Calendar Day 6 ~ Santa Claus

[Reprinted ~ Advent Calendar Day 6  ~  Santa from Dec. 2009]

Did I ever send a letter to Santa Claus?
I have no idea! Maybe when I was little. There aren't any clues left laying around to tell me one way or another, so I am apt to say no, I never sent one to Santa. I would think at some point though I wrote a letter or two to Santa, but highly doubt they would have ever been mailed to the North Pole.
Did I ever visit Santa and make a list?
Visit Santa? I took my daughter many times to visit Santa, but there aren't any pictures or memories that I personally sat on his lap. Have I made a list? You bet! I still make lists! Santa spoils me every year as I generally get most of the ideas I put on my list. This year I am making the list very minimal as we are both retired as of this year. Besides, Christmas is for the kids. This grandma is very ready to have Santa spoil her grandchildren.
Do you still believe in Santa Claus?
Of course, I would be crazy not to! My problem though is that I have thought for many years that I was Santa! Strange feeling isn't it?
This year I need to remember that Santa doesn't come to fill the stockings until Christmas Eve. The prince (my grandson) has his eye on the stockings! He knows each and every stocking and who they belong to. He also knows there is going to be one more added very soon, which by the way will have a Santa on it, for a total of seven stockings in my house.
Christmas is for the children. Santa has already given me my Christmas present for years to come, he has given two wonderful, happy and healthy grandchildren. Having the grandchildren, makes me even more excited about being Santa this year!
We will be taking my grandchildren to see "Harley Santa" at my Harley Meeting in a couple of weeks. He actually rides up on a Harley pulling a trailer with a Christmas Tree, the trailer full of presents and candy canes for the children. Mrs. Harley Claus is there to help also. Last year my grandson's turn came to sit on Santa's lap and when he got there he turned his head away from Santa. This year he is three "a big boy now" as he says, we shall see how he acts now!
Even though I haven't finished my decorating yet inside the house (I have had my grandchildren all week) my nephew (9) decided to count all the Santas in my house yesterday. If I remember correctly he came up with 28. What timing! Why did he decide to count my Santas? Does he have ESP or something? I know! Santa made him do it!

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  1. Harley Santa!! That is awesome - my friend has a motorcycle santa ornament on her tree...I know that she and her hubby will love to hear about Harley Santa and Mrs. Harley Santa. :-)

  2. Oh, please post pictures of Harley Santa! That would be an awesome sight to see!

  3. Hi DianaR and Greta,

    I have a few of those Harley Ornaments on my tree too! If I get a chance to write up another post before Christmas of Harley Santa I will try to do that. Actually we go to see him and Mrs. Claus I think next week with the kids. I will try to get better pictures. Actually the picture you see at the top of my post here, is Harley Santa, but you wouldn't know that by this photo. I will try to do an update for you!


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