Advent Calendar Day 4 ~ Christmas Cards

[Reprinted ~ Advent Calendar Day 4~  Christmas Cards from Dec. 2009]

A Card from me to my biological father over 25 years ago. I have the scan of the inside and what I wrote also.

Wow, have I written Christmas cards! In fact, I have sent cards for everything to everyone all my life. My father has always said I should have had stock in Hallmark. I wish now I did!

I started this at a young age, I believe younger than most. I feel as if it started as soon as I learned to do "cursive handwriting." I am sure I am wrong about that though, it had to be at least four or five years later.
Here's the deal. My mother sent out Christmas cards every year. One year she caught me off guard and asked if I would "help" her write them. This was strange to me and I didn't understand why she wanted me to do this. She explained that she wanted me to do them because "after all, you have such beautiful handwriting!" Ok, the compliment worked, from then on I wrote and addressed all of the cards for her each year. She probably sent out about 20-25. It seemed like a lot to me back then.
Ever since, I have been hooked on sending Christmas cards. Any little reason I could find (maybe I met you once at a party, or I got your address because I had sent you an invitation to a shower, etc.) to send cards to people, the more the merrier!
At one point I was up to one hundred and thirty people that I sent Christmas cards too. At that time I had a small business and my customers also received cards. Since then I have drastically cut back on my card sending. It has gotten so expensive. For several years my list has been at about 75. I have been trying to cut that down, and it has been tough. I believe last year I only sent 67. I haven't finished my cards yet this year, so I am not sure how many I will have, but I expect around 60 anyway. Ideally I would love to cut down to 50, but maybe that will happen when I am 80, if I live that long. I figure by then maybe several of my friends will have passed on. As far as that goes, maybe I will have passed on by then too! LOL
Actually the more I think about it, I do not see my list shrinking much this year. I have met so many new cousins and friends, oh my, I will probably be out getting more cards! How many did I buy this year? I can't even remember, it's that Alzheimer's stuff you know.
For years I just wrote something in every card, a sentence or two. Then I began writing letters and printing them on Christmas paper. Eventually I started the "Palmer Press" which unfortunately I haven't been able to continue due to time restraints. The Press was in color with photos, games etc. It also started costing me quite a bit of money, but it was so much fun.
Now I am back to the generic letter. As a matter of fact I am WAY behind on them, so I will bid you ado so I can hustle with those letters!

Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! Copyright © 2010 By Cheryl Palmer


  1. My theory of late is that if I communicate with a person only by e-mail then that's how they get Christmas greetings from me. If I talk to them on the phone during the year they will probably get a Christmas card via 'snail' mail. If they are close family/friends they will bet a Christmas card with a family picture enclosed.

  2. You are far more enterprising and disciplined than I am; 50 was probably the most Christmas cards I have ever sent out in a year!

  3. Mary, I like your theory! I have some people who send me electronic Christmas cards, but I prefer the real ones. Maybe I need to find a "logical" Christmas card list. I haven't started them yet this year, so I will see what I can do to cut it down!

  4. Hi Greta,

    My father told me many times I should have stock in Hallmark! To bad I didn't after all of these years.


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