Advent Calendar Day 3 ~ Christmas Tree Ornaments

[Reprinted ~ Advent Calendar Day 3 ~  Christmas Tree Ornaments from Dec. 2009]

Oh this is such a fun topic! When my daughter was small I became very involved with Christmas ornaments. In fact I started making them for her. The first ones I remember making for her were crocheted Sesame Street Ornaments. I made a stained glass ornament set and even sewed a few Holly Hobby stuffed ones with lace for her also. From there, a new tradition started.

Each year at Christmas I would buy an ornament for each of the children that had something to do with them and that year. I can remember buying softball, cell phone, and car ornaments, among others. After the girls moved out I continued to buy them ornaments relating to their lives that year. About the time one was to be married, I decided it was time to box up their ornaments separately and I gave them to them each the following year before Christmas. A beginning collection of ornaments for their own trees. What they didn't know was I had secretly added ornaments for a few years also so there were some they had never even seen before. To this day I buy each one of the family a special ornament, grandchildren included. The ornaments go in their stockings every year. I have already bought all the ornaments this year and enjoy the fact that my grandchildren have a start on their ornament collection too.
I rarely buy myself ornaments any more. I was given many when we hosted Christmas parties for many years and I would receive them from work also. Not that I am no longer working, we will see how long it takes until I decide to buy myself an ornament!

My absolute favorite ornaments are my collection of Christopher Radko Harley Ornaments. They are large for the most part and rather expensive, so they do not go on my tree. I have them displayed year round however in my display case. I would buy myself one of these every year when I was working.
Ornaments on my tree include Harley riding Santas, golf related Christmas balls, reindeer, bears, angels and Mr. and Mrs. Claus of all types. I have a few very special ones on my tree related to career, boating and being a grandparent. I also have some very special ornaments that friends have given me.
Ornaments are my weakness, especially when there is meaning behind them. Watch out if there is a Christmas store in town, anyone who knows me well at all, knows I HAVE to stop to check out the ornaments!
Now that I think about it, I actually already bought some stuff to make special ones for my family next year! What I am missing however is an ornament from an ancestor. I sure wish I had one.

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. I think ornaments are generally so fragile it's rare for too many to be handed down. I, too, wish I had one from an ancestor!


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