Advent Calendar Day 23 ~ Christmas Sweetheart Memories

[Reprinted ~ Advent Calendar Day 23 ~ Christmas Sweetheart Memories from Dec. 2009]

Other than receiving many jewelry items over the years my fondest memories come from my husband. The most favorite of all is when he talks about how my family treated him and his daughter when they attended their first Christmas with my family. At the time it was a real new relationship. He felt uncomfortable about coming to my parents for the Holiday, but he found they were treated like they were always part of our family, gifts and all.

My husband still talks about that first Christmas together and is still amazed by it. I am not sure he ever spent a Christmas like that before. My most special memory is his joy of finding out what a real Christmas was like, with family, accepting those who were unknown and sharing the gifts of love and laughter and even presents. Always if anyone needs or doesn't have a place to go on Thanksgiving or Christmas, they have been welcome at my mother's and my home. If family has friends they would like to bring to join in on the festivities, they are welcome to do so. Never, should anyone be alone, and never should anyone be a stranger.

To know the joy still exists in my husbands mind is the best gift I could ever have received. He has already spoken of that first year this year. Christmas changed so much for him after we met. I know he loves that the family would never miss Christmas if they could help it and it is so special for me to know how much my family wants to be together. I am truly blessed.

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  1. What a lovely heart-warming story :-) Merry Christmas! Jo


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