Advent Calendar Day 22 ~ Christmas and Deceased Relatives

[Reprinted ~ Advent Calendar Day 22 ~ Christmas and Deceased Relatives from Dec. 2009]

This post will be short and sweet. In my home growing up, we never talked much about the deceased. Of course I was very fortunate to have so many grandparents alive during my growing up years. I, unlike most, had 5 sets of grandparents and that doesn't include great-grandparents.

Two great grandparents were alive as I grew up that I can remember well. When they passed away, they were spoken of occasionally, mostly when we remembered something special about that person. Holidays for us were to have good times and the deceased were never brought up during that time.

It is interesting how some things stay the same in families through time. My sisters and I were "protected" from funerals. We never heard about them or went to them, until we were much older. Those that have passed on have not been talked about during Christmas Holidays. I will change that this year. I will start a conversation remembering things my mother used to do at Christmas. And, with any luck, I will visit her grave for the first time ever during a Christmas season.

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