Advent Calendar Day 19 ~ Christmas Shopping

Everyone handles Christmas shopping differently, don't they? I personally hate to shop, except for Christmas time. I love buying for others, when I have the time. My problem is I don't know when to stop. I feel I want to buy everyone everything. When I get close to being done, I always find more I HAVE to buy for and end up wearing myself out and becoming so grateful when it is finally over.

My mother liked to shop, I think. She seemed to shop at least once a week. I am sure she started early with her shopping and finished early. As my grandmother aged, my mother used to do her Christmas shopping also. By the time all of my siblings were married and children were born, the family had grown to much for my mother. She opted for us to draw names among the adults, and buy for the children. I was surprised when that came about and really didn't understand it at all. But that became our program, and shopping became much easier.

Aren't the men the ones who typically do their shopping the day before Christmas? They generally don't have so many gifts to buy so they can get away with it. Not so sure they always get the best gifts though. None of the men in my family can be placed in that category, waiting to shop until Christmas Eve. My husband goes shopping one day, generally a couple weeks before Christmas, then comes home and announces he is all done Christmas shopping. He just can't understand what takes me so long to get my shopping done!

I used to make a lot of my Christmas gifts. Those were the days gifts needed to be cheaper, plus I had more time to work on projects. I would start making them in August, but still wouldn't finish my shopping until almost Christmas Eve. This year has been the latest start I have ever had with my shopping. Traveling in November delayed this years beginning to my Holiday shopping, but the trip was definitely worth it.

I said I was going to cut back this year, I have been saying this now for about 5 years, but I can't see where this has happened. It is kinda like taking from Peter to pay Paul. Don't buy for one person anymore, but then buy more for someone else. I can't win! I LOVE Christmas and I love spoiling my family once a year. This is probably why I can't ever be done shopping early, I keep going until I run out of time. (Is this what the Eveready rabbit does? He just keeps on going and going...)

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  1. Just like the everready bunny. going and going.Love it. I think I am done and then I paniic and go out at last minute. Or is it a burst of christmas spirit mixed with guilt.... This year I might be like the men....
    Have a nice Christmas

  2. Hi A rootdigger,

    I do the same thing! I may think I am done, and then end up out for more! Merry Christmas to you!!!


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