Advent Calendar Day 18 ~ Christmas Stockings

[Reprinted ~ Advent Calendar Day 18 ~ Christmas Stockings from Dec. 2009]

 I never had a Christmas stocking while growing up. None of our family did. It wasn't part of our traditions. I wonder if my mother ever had Christmas stockings growing up? Times could have been tough and she may have grown up without them also.

When I became pregnant I made the decision I wanted to have Christmas stockings. My in-laws at the time all had stockings, so I suppose that is where the desire came from. I made my daughter hers and as a matter of fact I made mine and her father's also.

Her stocking consisted of two small children, a boy and a girl, by the Christmas tree, stairs off to the side, with a puppy on the scene and presents all around. This stocking was made of felt and sequins and is the same stocking she has today at our home. She refuses to have anything different.

Our other daughter has a home made stocking also, it is a punch embroidery. The one I made for her is of a large snowman. My husband's and mine are also made by me. Upon reflecting on these stockings, it has come to my attention that I have never taken any photos of any of them. It has no become a must on my to do list!

Our son-in-law joined our family a few years back and now the prince and princess (my grandchildren) have come along also. Life has become much more hectic these days and so these three stockings were not made by me. They were bought, but their names are embroidered on them.

I see how long the stockings I have made have lasted, it has been a good thirty years for a couple of them anyway. I am going to made a conscious effort to make my son-in-law, the prince and princess their own hand made stockings they can have forever. That first one I made has so much meaning for my daughter, when she said she wouldn't have any other one, I knew it meant a lot. These three deserve the same feelings as the rest of us.

First I wanted stockings, and now I love the tradition so much, I believe they should all be hand made! I hope the family growth slows down a bit so I can catch up!

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. You definately need to take picures of them!
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

  2. I always want them when I see them in the store. They seem to draw me. I wondered where can I hang them with no fire place!!
    This advent was a great idea, I love house snooping.

  3. Hi TCasteel,

    Ok, maybe I will do that today!!!

    Hi A rootdigger,

    That is funny, I like your term "house snooping!"


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