Advent Calendar Day 17 ~ Grab Bag ~ Movies

[Reprinted ~ Advent Calendar Day 17 ~ Grab Bag ~ Movies from Dec. 2009]

Movies, so are you thinking I am talking about the movie theater? That could be a possibility, and not a bad one at that. This time though I am talking about 8mm movies. Do you remember those?

As long as I can remember my father has been ever so faithful in taking movies at Christmas. Seeing these movies is always such a treat as we don't get to see them often. The problem now is that time has moved on. As with other electronics devices, movie cameras are not what they use to be. My father took movies using 8mm film.

We used to watch those movies of Christmases past on a pull down screen that was on a stand. Sometimes we would watch these movies on a nice white wall. No matter how we watched them, they were always great. Seeing family members that are no longer with us, and revving up those memories of the past can be fun and emotional.

My father, bless his heart, has been doing something most wonderful for his daughters for the past few years. He has been transferring the 8mm movies he has taken from film to DVD's. A couple of years ago he had a local company transfer some of the movies for him. What he had transferred, he had made three times, one for each of his girls for Christmas presents. Such a wonderful surprise that was! We can reminisce all we want, whenever we want. This was a most wonderful gift!

Dad, realizing he had close to a half century worth of movies he had taken (some were actually video tape) decided to purchase a machine to make the transfers himself. Last Christmas each of us again received more DVD'S of my fathers movies. This time was even more special as he had to make each of them himself.

I will never forget Christmases growing up, they have all been filmed. I am a camera freak, but never have been much for using the video camera. Unfortunately, my own personal family Christmases as an adult have not been made into movies, at least not the gift giving part. If dad was around the rest of the day, you can bet it is on film though. Gift exchanges and Santa's surprises are now left to still photos in my house. that there are grandchildren, I may have to rethink this approach. I can't imagine not being able to view movies of them years from now. And their parents would miss so much also, let alone my grandchildren by the time they are adults. A new tradition to start this year? I wonder if my video camera is totally out of date...

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. Cheryl, I inherited 17 rolls of 8mm film from my grandfather's estate a few years back and have slowly been getting them converted to DVD at Costco, whenever they offer a deal.

    Most are of a visit he and my grandmother made from Michigan to Alaska to see my family when I was about 6 years old. It brings back such memories. However, Grandpa was not the best film maker and admittedly, the movies sometimes make me feel dizzy since he jumps from subject to subject so quickly (about 10 seconds on each topic)!

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    I use a flip video - fits in my pocket and takes great video - just connects to the computer with a built in usb.

    Linda the Lurker

  3. Hi Miriam,

    I know what you mean about those who took video, sometimes they can make you feel ill because they didn't stay steady long enough! Still you are so fortunate to have those! I was lucky, my father took great movies!

    HI Linda the Lurker, I think you mentioned this before to me?Maybe one day I will have one of those...


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