Advent Calendar Day 15 ~ The Holiday Happenings

[Reprinted ~ Advent Calendar Day 15 ~ The  Holiday Happenings from Dec. 2009]



During the months of December and January there are many birthdays. I don't believe these people get a fair shake. Unless as a child their parents were smart and kind enough to give them a party or birthday gathering at another time of year.

I know a couple people whose birthday's are on Christmas Day. One will celebrate her birthday in the spring, which I think is awesome as she will celebrate her 3rd birthday. Another is an adult and I have no idea how this birthday will be celebrated.

I also know someone whose birthday is New Years Eve, and one whose birthday is 6 days prior to Christmas. These two people are adults now. How were their birthday's celebrated when they were children? And now? Now, I believe they celebrate on their actual birthday, as children I am not sure if they had other special dates for when they celebrated.

Isn't it more difficult to buy gifts for people like this, especially when you buy Christmas gifts for them also? Yes, it can be. I have done this for several years, so I know. It would be so much nicer to buy for them in June, with a seasonal change for fun!

Alas, that is not how life works. I have had many friends with birthdays in Dec. and even a few relatives too. January is the same. I currently have a few early January birthday's I buy for.

I have an ancestor whose birthday was on December 23. I would love to sayHappy Birthday to my great grandmother Marta Brita Lundberg! Born in Sweden in 1883 I never had the opportunity to meet her. Nor do I know how she celebrated her birthday, or when. She made a couple trips to the United States, but they were not around her birthday.

Great Grandma Marta, you left us in 1925, but you are not forgotten! I am here now to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Had you been alive you would be 126 years old this year. Instead you passed away at the very young age of forty two. I hope you had some wonderful birthday's when you were on this planet with us. If nothing else, I hope you know I am here thinking of you and wishing you aHappy Birthday when I couldn't before.

I would like to tell all people who have birthday's and or anniversary's in December and January, Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! You are all wonderful, I wish you a great day on your special day!

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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