Advent Calendar Day 14 ~ Fruitcake - Friend or Foe?

Fruitcake? It isn't a friend of mine, nor my family. I remember buying a fruitcake or two for gifts years ago, but only for people who really liked them. Fruitcake rates about the same as mince meat pie in my books. Mincemeat pie has a name that doesn't even sound appealing. At least fruitcake can sound half way appealing.

I believe it is the dried fruit that turns me off the most, I know it can't be the brandy or rum that turns me away. After all who likes currants, and what are they anyway? Figs and Prunes? They should only be given for medicinal purposes. And tell me, why would you combine these awful dried up fruit pieces with candied fruit? Now we have shriveled up dried fruit mixed with fruit that has been dipped in concentrated corn syrup. Now take a ton of alcohol over a long period of time and make sure all that the cake and fruit gets drenched in it. Doesn't even sound appealing at this point. Ok, so there are nuts in it also, I can handle the nuts, and maybe the cake might be ok if all the fruit was taken out, but who tastes the cake anyway? There is to much fruit in it!

There seems to be many different recipes to make fruitcake. I never realized this. I thought it was one way only, dried fruit, candied fruit, nuts and alcohol. You mean there really is more than one way to make it? One recipe I found calls for "sultanas" and "marzipan." Heaven only knows what those are! Have you heard of a "Citronless Fruitcake?" How about a "Drunk Fruitcake?" I think the person got drunk making his cake!

I picture fruitcake making a great white elephant gift. Thank goodness no one in my family likes this stuff. It is one of those things I hope to never buy again.

Fruitcake is a favorite and a Holiday Tradition for many. Please just give me fudge instead.

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. Your post makes me wonder when this fruit cake developed. What nationality. Was it something the pioneers invented to have winter fruit? If I knew I wasn't getting anything else sweet, and if I was starving for sweets, I'd eat it.
    The only thing I could say in a post is that my child is embarassed that she ate it as a little kid. Not much of a post....
    Good post even if it is fruitcake.

  2. Hi A rootdigger,

    Wikipedia says the earliest recipe known was from Rome. Then it spread over Europe and were made for weddings and Christmas.

    Thank you!


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