Sentimental Sunday ~ The Roller Coaster of Emotions - Has it stopped on a High or a Low?

The past couple of months have been an emotional roller coaster for me. I hit some very low lows having dealt with three deaths in the family in such a short amount of time. I am reminded though that this wasn't the first time I have had this experience. During the years of 2008-2009 I also dealt with three deaths in the family in a fairly short amount of time, 10 months, 2 deaths actually occurring in the same month. This time the three deaths were in a two month period, and I lost my cat to boot. Unfortunately, there were other conditions that added much stress to my life during that time also that I am not about to go into. Let's just say every time I thought things were getting better, something else slapped me in the face.

Ok, this is not the point I am trying to make though, that we all deal with death and sometimes several in a short period of time. What was different for me this time is that when I was really down, something came along that made me want to do the genealogy happy dance! But that would be for a few minutes and then I remembered I was suppose to be very sad, and down I went again. I have never in all of my life gone through such different emotions in such a short amount of time, up down, up down.

Anyhow, I had a couple surprising, very exciting, up moments in the past two months also. One I would like to share with you now.

On September 20 at 9:37am, I received an e-mail comment for this blog. The comment was on a post I did in April 2009. It so happens that the post was "Blogging Prompt Post #12" that Amy Coffin devised for last year. Here is the prompt ~

"Use your blog to break down a brick wall. Posting may ring a bell with a reader. Maybe you will make a connection in five minutes. Maybe it will take two years. Either way, asking for help is the first step to knocking down that wall."

I wrote about my brick wall great grandmother in Sweden, Martä Lundberg. The comment I received about a month ago was from someone in Sweden who said they descended from Martä's brother and hope they could help me answer some of my questions! All GeneaBloggers know what it feels like when the Happy Dance comes around! I did it for a few minutes and then hurried to reply in case this person decided I took to long to reply or something. Maybe they were going away for a month and I wouldn't hear from them for a long time. I had to respond, quickly!
We ended up sending several emails back and forth that day, it was so exciting during such a trying time. This person is my third cousin once removed and his name is Janne Lundberg. He lives in Sweden and understands English and writes pretty well in English also! I am so fortunate! It was tough for me to have to let him know things were a bit rough for me at the time, but I did. We have written as we can, which has been wonderful and now I am trying to process most of the information he has sent me. I have a much clearer head now, so questions are being thrown at him left and right! I had to stop myself now because I am afraid I will scare him away! 

I would like to say that Janne has been a super understanding and a wonderful friend and cousin for the short amount of time I have known him through our emails. I am not sure who is more excited, him or me? Then to have to be patiently waiting on me....I thank you for that Janne! When you are so excited, you want info right away, I know! I was given permission to share this picture of him ~ 

Thank you for the picture! I think I see some of those Lundberg traits! Janne has joined the Heritage Happens "Followers" group so I know he will be very valuable if I happen to state facts that may be wrong, and I know also that he may be able to fill in facts I am unaware of. I look forward to sharing new information regarding my Lundberg line with you, thanks to Janne!

This most definitely ends on a BIG HIGH and I can chalk up another one to social networking! 

Thank you Amy Coffin for your blogging prompts! I hope there are many bloggers using them this year also, after all, look what happened to me! And Janne, my new English speaking Swedish cousin/friend, what can I say? Hugs to you, you are the best!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. Cheryl,

    I think that 2010 has been a very difficult year for many in the genea community. We are pulling for you and for everyone else that is experiencing ups and downs. With the support of the community our load will be lighter and we will all pull through. Aren't we lucky that as genealogists we have these special pick-me-ups like finding a lost cousin? I think non-genealogists are perhaps not so blessed in this way.

    Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful discovery of your Swedish cousin. Hang in there!


  2. Hope things start to even out and look better; for us genies these pick-me-ups can certainly keep us going through rough times. Sending prayers and good wishes your way.

  3. Cheryl,
    I'm so sorry for your losses. I figured something was amiss when you didn't make it to the Expo. As Marian said, we are all pulling for you. Congrats on pulling down your brick wall!

  4. I'm sorry for the losses that occurred in your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. Cheryl - I too have had you in my thoughts and prayers since I read somewhere that you had lost someone close to you. Life can sure throw us curve balls sometimes! Congrats on breaking down that brick wall.

  6. I am so happy for your "upper"! It's a nice shot in the arm to have something so wonderful happen at any time but these events are even more precious when life throws those curves at us.

    I think of you often. Remember "longer legs for bigger strides". Hang in there!

  7. I'm so glad you've finally got something to happy-dance deserve it! Sometimes help through tough times comes in ways we least expect it.

  8. I am glad your cousin came into your life at a low point. May there be more days of sunshine.

  9. Cheryl, I always look forward to your blog. And while losing family is extremely hard, life does go on for the survivors. I use my family research as an outlet. It helps so much.

  10. Hi Marian, I agree it has been a tough year for GeneaBloggers. I am moving on and very grateful for my new relative!

    Hi Greta, Thank you for commenting your wishes, and your prayers!

    Hi Kathryn, I am sure you know I would have been at the Expo if I could have, just wasn't meant to be this time. Sounds like everyone had a blast!

    Hi Michelle, yes Longer Legs for Bigger Strides! ;-) Thanks for remembering!

    Hi Kerry, thank you! The toughest part was being so down and so happy at the same time. I have never experienced that before. It was kinda strange!

    Hi LindaRe, my days definitely have more sunshine than gloom. Two extreme emotions at the same time was an eye opener though!

    Thanks to everyone for commenting. I really am doing well!

  11. My comments did'nt work,it disappeared in cyberspace. =) so i try it again...
    Cheryl, you are so wonderful.
    So nice and understanding.

    Thankyou for being my friend over there. And i realy appreciate all your information you leave to me.

    Hope to se you and your houseband here next year.

    Warm friendly hug from me to you. =)

  12. As others have said, this has been such a difficult year for so many. Here's hoping that when the inevitable lows hit, they will be quickly followed with more wonderful highs like you've experienced in finding your new cousin!

  13. Cheryl,Miram shared this post but the way it goto me it looked like her post. In reply, I wrote the following. The sentiments are as sincere as if I had realized it was you I was responding to. Please forgive . . .! I am so glad for you that this event has brought you more clarity from the fog of bad times! This is one of the reasons we write! I've had a similar experience recently as I continue to learn how to live with my chronic disease and face the mortality of parents. Then out of the blue last week, I got new comments on two fairly old posts. One was from a woman who used to live in a place mentioned in a post. It was fun to reminisce with her via email. Then I came across a picture of her late father when he had retired and a photo of her as a cheerleader. I sent them to her and she replied that she had lost the cheerleading photo many years ago and had given hope of seeing it again. That made me feel pretty good. The second event, I'll probably write in the blog about because this message is too long already.

    But hang in there! There's more good to come your way, I'm sure of it, because of the good you have done for others.

  14. Hi Jan, I am sorry you had trouble leaving a comment! You are to kind. I am really enjoying our communication and am grateful you found me!

    Hi Elizabeth, it indeed has been such a tough year for some. I hope we are all finished with this hurdles. I am enjoying the connection with my new cousin!

    Hi Craig, I am sorry there was confusion for you, not a problem at my end. I am happy you have had the connections you have recently! They are so wonderful! And yes, this is why we blog. I think of you often, and your parents, and hope you are all doing well. You should be very proud of yourself for all you accomplish! So proud to know you!

  15. Cheryl, The good news is indeed very good, and I can tell how excited you are, to find a cousin, esp. this close is great news.

    I am very sorry to read of the deaths, and I know it is sad to deal with it. My condolences to your sister as well (I'm wondering if she was the one from Maine.) I'll be thinking of you.


  16. Thank you Barbara. No, it is not my sister from Maine. It is the one who lives by me.


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