Moving From Backwards To Forward, Isn't That Moving Backwards?

My uncle was born on March 19, 1924 in Spokane, Washington as Richard Harold DeMoss. (I have never known him as DeMoss) I had been contemplating posting copies of his service records and such when it came to my attention that I haven't scanned any of his documentation! I had "moved forward" as I have his mother and her line in my system, etc., but I do not have anything in my genealogy program other than a name and basic dates for my uncle.

I found it interesting that when I went looking for information in my files under Harding (which is what I grew up knowing his last name to be) and then under DeMoss also, I couldn't find copies of any of his files on my computer. Seems I have been more focused on "older" ancestors and organizing their paperwork. Time to move from backwards to forward a bit...darn, doesn't that mean I am going in the wrong direction???

I do not have a file made for the name DeMoss, yet I should. I feel my uncle is currently lost in space. So, after I do this post I will set up a file for him and give him a "real home."

Because I was looking for documentation of my uncle, I came across a situation I hadn't really analyzed.  When did my uncle's name change? Sure, I had a general idea but I have never followed documents to see this change. At age 6, the 1930 census still lists him as Richard DeMoss, stepson of Clifford C. Hills. He must be in school by now. How many years forward is it until his mother marries my grandfather? How old was he when he takes on my grandfather's last name?

It amazes me that I do not have this information in my computer. Have I have been so focused on having copies of the older documents and pictures, that I haven't even realized I didn't have documentation for family members closest to me in my system? Now I need to work "forward" a bit ~ that is really working backwards from how I should be focusing, which is working backwards!

I don't believe I am missing any of my uncle's documentation, it is the simple fact that it has not been scanned into my computer. This will be entered on my "to do" list ~ scan the documentation from my binder into my computer files and my software program for my uncle. I wonder if there is anyone else I need to go from backwards to forward with? I need to check. Sometimes those so close can be so far away.

(To clarify and not confuse those who are just starting their genealogy; document what you know starting with yourself, and move back one generation at a time with your research.)

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. I had not directly thought of it that way, but you are right. I suppose it was in my subconscious; I almost named my blog "Forward Into the Past" (instead I gave that name to an "alternate" blog).

  2. Wow! I feel such a connection birthday is March 19th (but not in 1924! LOL!) and I live in Spokane. If you need me to look up anything, Cheryl, please let me know!

  3. Greta, I love that name! So glad you were able to use it for a blog period, it is a great name!

    Miriam, that is a connection! I will keep you in mind if I need something and I am glad you weren't born in 1924, but if you were, I would have to say, "Dang you look good!"


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