I Did My 10!

I know you haven't heard from me in a few days, but I have good reason! First and foremost, I have been taking care of my grand children this week, the prince and princess, some of you may already know this is what I call them. The prince is 3 yrs, and the princess is 15 months. They have kept me on my toes, but oh what a pleasure! So, life goes on, with many interruptions sometimes, and things get put on hold. The next item I am about to discuss is what I have been spending my tiny bit of free time doing lately, instead of blogging and researching etc.

Have you read or heard about Footnote.com and LowCountry Africana teaming up for an indexing project? I know I have seen it posted in the Family Tree Magazine's Genealogy Insider Blog and on Twitter. I haven't had much time to poke around lately, but I have seen a badge earned and posted to at least one blog site already.

When I first read about this project I immediately replied that I would like to help. (I was immediately informed I was the first person to respond to this project - yeah me!) The indexing is being done with the South Carolina Estate Inventories and Bills of Sale, 1732-1872. Estate inventories in this collection lists slaves that the deceased owned.

This index, even now in it's very early stages, is FREE to search at Footnote.com. I have no idea what made me initially jump to do this, it was just something I felt I needed to do. Maybe because it was new and hasn't been done before, maybe because I wanted to "give back," or maybe just because that is where my heart was at during that time. I have not found slaves in my family history, but I do not rule out they may be there somewhere. Whatever my reasoning, I can tell you that I sure have a great feeling now having completed 10 pages. A very small contribution.

I know there are many indexing projects available to work on right now. But I would like you all to think about doing just 10 pages of this collection. If we all kick in a little there isn't so much for just a few to do. I have to say that I have had the MOST PLEASANT experience working on this project! Toni, you are the sweetest and kindest person ever! What a treat! If I can get myself caught up on a few things soon, don't be surprised if you see me come back and ask to do another 10! I had fun! I hope you will try just 10 pages too!

To read more about this project, see LowCountry Africana's  site and if you would like to volunteer, go to the news section on the right and click where "Footnote.com and LowCountry Africana join forces." You will be glad you did!

Thanks again Toni, I proudly have your badge on my site! Don't be surprised if you see me back for more...

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. I just signed up to work on the records Cheryl.
    I have done many transcriptions over the years. I will get my 10 done but don't know if I would have time to do more. Work fills up 10 hours a day right now and leaves very little time left over.
    I know I always appreciate the records I find and know that it took someones time to make them available to me.

  2. Oh Lori, you are so busy! I hope you enjoy doing them. There is no rush! I just enjoyed it, and hope you do too. Doing 10 is great, and they will be happy for the help!

  3. How good of you to help on this project. Thank you for visiting my blog and wishing me and my blog a happy blogiversary. I appreciate it.

  4. Thank you Nancy! I enjoy your blog and look forward to the next year!

  5. Yeah!I did my 10 too! But, I just had to 10 more so I could have a badge for both blogs. ;-)
    And I know what you mean, It was something that I felt I needed to do as well.

  6. Hi Leslie Ann,

    I did see that you covered both blogs, wonderful idea! I would love to do more, I am trying to get some things out of the way and am hoping I can get back to do more myself.

  7. thank you for the inspiration. i'm working on my first ten now.

  8. Awesome Kirsten! Hope you enjoy doing it.


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