Those Places Thursday ~ The Old Jail

A year or so ago I went traipsing around Livermore, California taking pictures of some of it's historical sites. Here is one building I have been aware of for about 20 years. The business today is named "The Delinquent Dog" and is a dog grooming shop.

As you can see, this isn't a very big building. Over all of these years, I never stopped to think how The Delinquent Dog got it's name, or where the name came from. At least forty years or so ago, this building used to be the Livermore jail! Hence, "The Delinquent Dog!" Clever name, don't you think?

 This current photo shows the bars and doorways of the old jail and it's two cells. Each of the old cells are now used as bays to bath and groom the dogs. Here, you are looking at the cells from the inside back of the building, facing the front door.

The rooms, or "old cells" are missing their doors. From inside you can really see how old the building is. Years ago I was told about this building, and actually forgot the history until I did this excursion. This photo was taken as you enter the building and shows the second cell.

Take a look at this front door! It is metal and sure looks like it was a jail door! Once you unlock and open this door, there is another door which is more fitting for a business of today. You can see the glass door to the left in the picture.

 I wish to thank the owner of the "Delinquent Dog" for allowing me to take photos inside her business. I also wish to thank "the nameless person" who gave me some insight to this history, and actually spent time in the jail! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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