Jamboree 2010 ~ Smiling Saturday... Still ~ Post #7

After the Blogger's Summits on Saturday, it was Lisa Louise Cooke's LIVE Podcast for the Genealogy Gems Podcast , which I shared with you in the 6th post of Jamboree. Here is a picture of Chris Haley singing...I enjoyed his musical talent.

The lectures I attended on Saturday afternoon were "Archival Products and Their Use" and a mini-computer lab course "Writing Your Family History Using Microsoft Word." The archival products lecture was informative and jazzed me up to buy the products I needed at Jamboree. This was something I have been wanting to do for a couple years and hadn't done it, so it became a goal for me at Jamboree. I have a few items to store; a christening dress, a quilt, a tablecloth, and a sweater. Who would have thought ordering boxes could be so much fun? It really was, and, so much so that I added on some other boxes for pictures and things. They are being shipped to me, so I am now anxiously waiting for them to arrive.

The mini-course, well, let's just say wasn't one of my favorites. It wasn't what I was expecting it to be, I thought it was about writing your own personal story. It was learning to type a genealogical report in Word. I didn't feel I really needed to learn this as all genealogy software will print these for you. It was the first time I attended a session in which a laptop was a must and found it to be a real eye opener. Everyone in the session had different versions of Word and different skill levels. Someone was always behind or left out which made things frustrating for those who could move right along. It would have been nice to have a printout of the instructions, then people could follow their own program. But hey, nothing is perfect and I still learned something from this session, so I have no complaints!

I heard a little rumor that Thomas MacEntee, GeneaBloggers and Destination Austin Family, was going to be singing with Jean Hibbens after the days sessions. I made it a point to be in the Convention Center after the last lecture I attended. There I found Jean Hibbens, Circlemending, and her husband making music.

It wasn't long until Thomas joined in ~

Here are the two of them harmonizing ~

Great job and good entertainment! Jean's husband was playing the saw....yes, that is correct, the saw. I am sorry I missed that picture, I was involved making sure I got a picture or two of Thomas singing. You can see a picture of Jean and her husband Butch playing a concert of Civil War songs on her blog.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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