Jamboree 2010 ~ Sentimental Sunday ~ Post #11

This being Sentimental Sunday, I have made today the final day of posting for Jamboree 2010. I have enjoyed this journey of sharing the event with you and I hope you have enjoyed it too. Below, you will see my Mardi Gras beads and ribbons etc. Seeing this makes me very sentimental, Jamboree has been one of the most awesome experiences I have had, times two. Thank you to all who prepare for it and to all who attend, what an event!

Here you can see I collected 10 ribbons, and a few buttons.

A close up of the Mardi Gras beads for GeneaBloggers, along with the GeneaBloggers pin, the "Keep Calm Cite Your Sources" pin, a My Heritage pin and an ISSOG pin. Oh, and the Roots Magic Pin! It says,

 " I would like a burger and fries and my Roots Magic to go"

Very clever!

Above are the ribbons I collected which read, from top to bottom:
Rock Star
I am a Family Tree Hugger
Is a Family ChArtist
ancestry.com MEMBER
I saw the Photo Detective
NEHGS Member

Now I thought I had done quite a good job collecting these. I collected many more than last year. But alas, about the end of the day on Sunday I saw this cute guy and how many ribbons he had collected! If I counted correctly he had 25 ribbons! Where did I miss out????? Even if I added last years ribbons I couldn't compare to his collection.

I would say he was Mr. Jamboree, what do you think? Congratulations on all of the ribbons!

Thanks for stopping by! 

 Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

 Copyright © 2010 Cheryl Palmer


  1. I remember seeing his ribbons...no fair! He's a cutie...next year, more ribbons for us! Had a great time seeing you Cheryl...we had alot of fun and can't wait till next year.

  2. Hi Gini,

    I was very pleased with the ribbons I had until I saw his! I think he had a great time as well as us. Can't believe we will be looking forward to our third Jamboree next year already!

  3. Wow- you had a blast at Jamboree! Thanks for sharing. I know I'd love to go but doubt it will ever happen.

  4. Hi Apple,

    There needs to be a "Jamboree" in your neck of the woods! Usually, I wish I lived much further east, much more intriguing history, but for this one, I am glad I am on the west coast.

  5. That's Daniel Ortega (Gena Philibert Ortega's son) - and he's more than cute . . . that young man worked very hard at Jamboree. He's become his mom's right-hand-man!

  6. Thank you Jean!

    I thought so but didn't want to say that in case I was wrong, as you can tell I wasn't 100% sure about that!


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