Wordless Wednesday ~ Hearst Castle Pool

Hearst Castle pool, California. Abt. 2003 Digital Image taken by Cheryl Palmer [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2010

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  1. I was just there in February on a tour with the California C.A.R.! It still looks the same (I don't suppose much changes up there), still amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I was there 12 years ago. I distinctly remember that pool and the architecture. It's a pretty amazing (and somewhat unbelievable) place.

  3. Hi Elizabeth, I don't think much changes for sure there. I liked this photo though. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Hi Tracy, Wonderful that you have been there to see it. Amazing is a great word for this place!

  5. Wouldn't I just LOVE to have that attached to my house ;-) Thanks for sharing this photo Cheryl. I've never been to Hearst Castle.

  6. Hi lindalee, Can you just imagine if it were attached to your house? That would mean you probably have maids and lots of money...

  7. I remember going there on a trip with my grandmother when I was a teenager. Thank you for bringing back some treasured memories!

  8. Hi TCasteel, always happy to bring back memories for someone!


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