Those Places Thursday ~ Grandpa Fleming's Gas Station

The year was about 1939. The location: Odessa, Texas. This is the gas station my grandfather owned. I don't have much in the way of detail about how long he owned it or how he ended up in Texas at the stage of his life with two young children. I was just told he owned this station.

I love this picture, the close up showing the gas pumps. Aren't they great? Everything so small. The hoses next to the poles look like water and air hoses to me. Unfortunately, I couldn't zoom in on the pumps enough to see the price of gas but I did look at and found in 1930 a gallon of gas was 10 cents and by 1939 a gallon of gas was 10 cents. Now, why can't we have those kinds of prices and increases?

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  1. I love it!!!! The photos are fantastic!

  2. We did a comparison on the cost of a glass of beer one time with my son and his friends. I used an online calculator that shows the average wage/cost for a particular time frame and you know what. The cost of the beer/hourly wage today was the same in comparison to what we paid back in the 70's and how much our hourly wages were.
    My husband had an old gas pump but just didn't have the time to restore it so he sold it on Craig's List in about 5 minutes. People love them.

  3. Thank you Patty and David. Lori, very interesting about the cost comparison with the beer. A cost comparison would be interesting here also. I found it more amazing that the gas stayed the same price after a decade. Old gas pumps are great, I wish I had one.

  4. What wonderful pictures to have! Can you picture your grandfather in his uniform, pumping gas and washing windshields? How awesome!

  5. Oh Lori! I wish I had a photo of him in his uniform serving gas! That would be so awesome!


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