This Memory Monday Via Facebook!

Facebook is where you hook up with family and friends. Of course, for us genealogists we do some networking, the same as with Twitter, and hope to find a new relative or two. I can excitedly say I have done just that, met cousins I hadn't previously known, through Facebook. One such cousin in particular that I met on Facebook led me to another cousin which has been an amazing cousin connection for me. I have been collecting information and photos from this cousin almost weekly. I am thrilled that I am able to share with her a bit finally too, as all of the recent scanning I have been working on pertains to this same family. 

But, getting back to Facebook...about a week ago I received a message via Facebook from a past school mate. We shared most of our school years at the same schools. When I read the message he sent I had to laugh out loud. This person reminded me of something I had long forgotten! The header to the mail read ~

 "Captain Fleming" 

Then it reads~

"Lol...I don't know why this came to my mind but I started remembering being ________ _________ crossing guard and YOU were my captain. I can't really remember any of the other kids that "served" with us...maybe _________or __________? Anyway, I remembered you, mon capitan...probably because of the massive crush I had on you from 2nd grade on! :)"

This caught me so off guard, I laughed out loud. I happened to be in the car with my husband and of course he wondered what had made me laugh so. As I explained to him, I laughed some more. Soooo long ago....something I had totally forgotten about, me, a crossing guard? That was one thing, but the captain too? I hardly remember that! Do I have pictures of this? I highly doubt it. With this I learned something I didn't know about before, this person said he had a crush on me! Oh my...did he know I had a crush on him too? Can you imagine... we find this out, what, a zillion years later? Too funny! This has brought back many memories for me.

I highly doubt this particular person will ever read this but if he does, I want to tell him... "Thanks for the memories!" You brought back a memory I had all but forgotten and you have no idea how much this boosted my ego, even if it is a zillion years later. Ah, those were the "grammar school" days! I am glad we have been able to make contact once again and I am thrilled you are so blessed in your life today!

I wonder what else has slipped from my mind...have you remembered all of the stories from your grammar school days to add to your personal history?

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. Cheryl...what a fun memory for you. I too have connected with extended family and many 'old' school buds via Facebook...we were a small school (100 in my graduating class) so we were all fairly close but had lost contact over the years. We are now planning our FIFTY year reunion for June 2011. FB rocks when it comes to reconnecting.

  2. Yes Mary, this was a great memory for me. How fun for you planning a big reunion like this! I know you will have a wonderful time! Thank you for sharing, and enjoy your reunion!


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