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Time to settle in with your favorite beverage of choice and join me for a little Chit Chat...

About a month ago I shared with you that a new cousin and I found each other. Terry O'Connell of Finding Our Ancestors is my cousin. Terry informed me that there was someone else in the GeneaBlogging world who descends through the Richmond line. I had a feeling who it was, as I had thought about it before, that we must be related. At the time this person was on vacation and then had to play catch up upon returning. I waited awhile upon his return from vacation and then sent him a message. My other new cousin? Why Randy Seaver from Genea-Musings! It is an added bonus when you find out the new cousin is a GeneaBlogger too! We each descend from John Richmond (1594-1664) who is my nineth ggrandfather. Always fun finding new cousins! I would like to thank Terry for getting me up to speed on how Randy fit in the tree. I really need to spend more time on Genealogy Wise which is apparently where she found her connection with Randy.


I have been busy scanning like a mad woman. I have finally gotten my hands in contact with a couple of boxes my grandmother Lundberg owned and have scanned close to 1000 items. Almost finished with one box, and don't believe there is to much to the second box, but I am working fast and furious to get through it all. I think having waited for more than a year to see this stuff is why I am now acting as if the stuff will be burned next week. My poor scanner and my back have been screaming at me, so I have slowed down a bit and not let every waking moment consume me with scanning. So much of the scanning has been "friend" related, and the newspaper clippings do not have dates or the title of the newspaper. I have been faithfully scanning along and finally now been scanning photos which are more fun. I am fortunate in that I have a cousin in Montana who I have been able to turn to for help naming people in these photos. She also has cousins to turn too when she is unsure or doesn't have a clue. Thank you cousin Betty for all of your help with these. There haven't been to many yet, but there will definitely be more coming! Maybe this is my hurry, making sure I get the pictures named while I have someone who can help?


I shared a nice chat with Anna-Karin Schander of Anna-Karins Genealogical Blog about the closing of the Swedish Immigrant Institution. Seems the archive collections will be moved somewhere but the library and research department will be gone. Very sad for Sweden. Through our chats we came to find we each had grandmothers who traveled or lived in Ångermanland. Anna-Karin assisted me with my Lundberg side of the family, again verifying my grandfather was illegitimate. However, I did learn new information on his mother, which I will share at another time. Enjoyed chatting with Anna-Karin and I wish to thank her for her help!


Have you read the April edition of Shades the Magazine? If you haven't, I suggest you do. Beautiful magazine! This issue covers the Civil War. Everyone involved, authors, editors and of course footnoteMaven of Shades of the Departed, did an outstanding job just as they have done with all other issues! I settled in with a bag of popcorn and started reading, and couldn't stop! Before I knew it, my popcorn had disappeared and I had read more than half the magazine. (This edition is over 100 pages) I felt like I was at the movies, the same sort of feeling of being on the edge of my seat, wanting more! Because WDYTYA's season has ended, it was a perfect time to finish the magazine. So much fun! Be sure to check it out!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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  1. OMG ! That is just too cool - related to Randy.
    And to Terri.

    I am begining to think that my family inbred and we are related only to each other! LOL

  2. Oh yeah, understand about relatives who geneablog. It's so much fun to find a connection through your blog.

  3. I started writing a post about Randy and our connection about two weeks ago and never finished it. Glad you finally got your post up.

    Sheri, love your reply abut the inbreeding. I am sure you have many cousins out there.

  4. Oh Sheri, you are so funny! You will be surprised one day, maybe even blown away when you make that special connection!

    Hi TennLady, It is fun to find any connections through our blogs, I just love it!

    Hi researchingoconnells,

    I am anxious to hear about when you leave on your trip and all the details, I can hardly wait!


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