Roots Television Ending

Great sadness indeed. I just read the post from Dick Eastman over at Eastman's Genealogy Online Newsletter announcing Roots Television will be ending after three years! Why is it we are never ready for news like this?

I read Megan Smolenyak Smolenyaks announcement at EGON and have to admit it leaves me with a sad heart. However, I remember when George Morgan ended his blog and I was left with a sad heart also. George moved on to what is more beneficial for him, and we can find him writing columns for Dick Eastman's blog also. We still get a part of George, with his articles and lectures etc. As with other things, time moves on, we advance technologically and sometimes it just doesn't make sense to continue with something if there is a more advanced way of sharing or handling subject matter. I hope that is all it is for Roots Television, the fact that genealogy shows are making their way to television.

Megan, I hope you know that what you have done with Roots Television was awe inspiring, and we thank you for bringing information as you did to us in such a unique way. I can only hope there are bigger and better fish to fry in your world and we will still benefit from your interest in the genealogy field. The show will be greatly missed.

Roots Television will be closing March 10th, 2010.

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