Am I Dreaming or Playing?

I went to bed last night (or early this morning) and wondered to myself...if I enter 90 source citations, can I earn three gold medals? Or, do I earn one diamond and one platinum? Or, do I just earn one platinum?

All of these thoughts were because of my wishful thinking for these GeneaBlogger Winter Games. I felt so proud that I had entered some sources last night, and thought about how many more I really need to do. Maybe I should just focus on citations for the games? Maybe I could earn each available medal just for that category! What an awesome feeling that would be to enter 150 source citations, and earn a bronze, silver, gold, diamond and platinum medal all in one category! I am dreaming on I am afraid.

I visioned accomplishing so much with the Winter Games, and yet over half of the games are already over. I can honestly say I did do a few more citations, 10 to be exact (a total of 21) which brings me to a silver medal in that category.

The little free time I may have had to work on these games, I have actually been spending on filing over 100 digital files I needed desperately to organize. I have been receiving many pictures, stories, obituaries and files on one leg of my Norwegian side of the family, thanks to a wonderful, fantastic, sharing cousin! Upon doing this, I didn't realize that I actually accomplished another task or two or three (yeah) with the games under the category "Organize your files!"

Without even trying hard, I accomplished these tasks ~ #B, #D, #E which earns a gold medal so far in that category. I am beginning to think I have been playing the games all along, performing tasks and not even realizing it. I need to really take a closer look again at those tasks...

Now I just need to figure out how my Norwegian transcribing fits into these games.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. You hit it right on when you said, "I am beginning to think I have been playing the games all along, performing tasks and not even realizing it."

    I've been looking around my house and office at what I can get taken care of and still be participating in the games. Maybe some of these piles will get organized and processed yet!

  2. I loved this entry: so true. Congrats on being named one of the best blogs by Family Tree magazine!! You so deserve the honor.

  3. Michelle, that is why the games are so fantastic, they help you get accomplish things, hopefully sooner than later!

    Tri-State Ancestors and Beyond, glad you enjoyed the post and thank you for the congrats!


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