SNGF ~ Best Genealogy Moment of 2009

Randy Seaver at GeneaMusings asked the genealogy blogging community what was their best genealogy moment in 2009. This question was posted for this weeks "Saturday Night Genealogy Fun." I have thought about it off and on all day long and have come to the conclusion that this hasn't been fun! Sorry, Randy, for me it was work!

I suppose I just don't have one major element that pops out for me that I can say, "Ah ha, that is it! That was my best Genealogy moment for the year!" So, instead I thought of several genealogy moments I have had and chose one, the one I felt came the closest to that "Ah ha" moment.

Back in August a second cousin found me, we made contact through Facebook. From that moment forward I have been gathering so much information on my WESTBY line. I have collected many pictures and stories thanks to this cousin who got me in contact with another cousin who has done genealogy for many years. I had very little on this line, but shared what I did have with my new found cousin. I am continuing to receive new information all the time. I am so grateful and look forward to receiving emails from her. This particular days happening has continued to grow with every passing day since then. I even found out I have a relative in Norway who speaks English! (Physical letter to this relative is high on my to do list now that the Holidays are over. Hope to have it done next week.)

What could be better than a genealogy moment that keeps on giving and giving and giving?

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. See - you did it! That's why I made my top ten list first - got two blog posts out of one idea!

    Like your blog design - the flashing photo frame is cool.

    Take care -- Randy

  2. Hi Randy, yes, I finally did it! You were smart, I think I did the same in my mind finally until I came up with what I felt was the best.

    Thanks for the comment on the blog design too! Glad you like it.


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