Reflections for Change

Bloggers are reflecting on this past year, both with their accomplishments and with resolutions for the new year.

I too have a couple of reflections, maybe a bit different from the norm. I am going to call them my eye openers. Things I am a bit disappointed with actually.

I remember many years ago, my mother making a comment after looking at some of my vacation pictures. This was pre-genealogy time. She asked where the pictures were that I was in. At the time I didn't think much of it, but realized most of my pictures were taken of scenery probably taken on a motorcycle trip.

Fast forward to these past Holidays. I reminisced at one point about my father taking videos at all of our monumental affairs. He has always been so diligent about this. I wondered when the last time was I took videos and realized it was probably when my children were playing softball, many moons ago. Realizing my father will unfortunately not be with us forever I wondered who would take over this task. I have a video camera, so it would probably be me. Good intentions were set to pull out this camera and practice this holiday season.

Well, it didn't happen. When I reflect back now, it is no wonder it didn't happen. I have so much to do and take care of already. I have broken down and realized I can not do everything. Amazing, but true. My mother didn't do everything either, my father did the videos.

My husband isn't fond of taking pictures or using the camera, unless I specifically ask him. I am trying to think what job I could give him during the day so I can take some videos and more pictures. Although, that may not be the answer either, as I still would not in very many pictures.

Besides the videos, I noticed the pictures I took were mostly of the grandchildren. Now, I am not complaining about that by any means, however, why did I not have more photos of my father? Thank goodness I have taken several of him throughout the year.

Notations then, are:

1.Make sure someone takes pictures of me once in awhile.
2.Take video as often; they are so wonderful later in years, just like photos. Thanks, Dad
3.Take more pictures of the matriarchs of the family, how long will they be with us?

These are not New Years Resolutions, they are simply things I will do!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. My husband and I just had this argument! He never wants to be in our family pictures, and I told him that for our daughter's sake, he needs to put aside his vanity and just pose already! I have so many pictures of my mother looking the other way, or with her hand up - it's absolutely infuriating, especially now that she's gone and can't be in any more pictures.

    Your family will thank you in the future if you stick to your guns on this one. :-)

  2. This is such a reminder to me. I have been able to convince my daughters to sit still for at least a few photos (even the one who just got all her wisdom teeth out and looks like the losing end of a boxing match), but I hate having my picture taken any more. Bad on me, and good on you for realizing in time.

  3. Oh I feel for you Elizabeth, and can relate so much! You stick to your guns too, we both know the future generations will appreciate it!

  4. Greta, it always seems such a challenge for some to have photos taken of themselves especially. I have always hated my picture being taken, and even more so as time goes on. No matter what, they need to be taken however, so I try to accept that, for my grandchildren and their children.

  5. I too seem to be lax about taking pictures of myself around the holidays. Seems like I'm usually the one taking the pictures and not actually in them...

  6. Deez, you take so many during the year, that I think you take a vacation then maybe????


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