Advent Calendar Day 13 ~ Holiday Travel

My mother and grandma (McGuire) Helman.

My family stayed home for Christmas. My family lived in the area so there never was a need to travel. However there was a special trip I remember so very well...

I didn't make the trip, but my grandmother, Lois Helman did. In the early 1980's my ex and I decided to surprise my father and have his mother flown here for the Christmas Holidays. I never remembered spending a Christmas with her. We bought her the plane ticket and she was thrilled and very willing to keep the secret from her son.

She flew in a few days before Christmas from Arizona and spent time with us. It was so wonderful to have her in my home, very special indeed. I had never had a family member stay with us before, except for maybe my youngest sister. Grandma enjoyed the time she could spend with her great granddaughter and me. We had been pen pals over the years and were close.

Christmas day came and we headed to my parents home in the very early afternoon. When we arrived grandma walked in with us. I will never forget the look, especially on my mother's face when she saw her. My mother's hands went to her face and her mouth fell open in true surprise. My dad got that great big beautiful smile on his face, you know the kind that says he was so very pleased and but had to act macho about it.

Fortunately Grandma was able to stay a few days past Christmas to visit with mom and dad and other family members before returning home. She spent the whole visit staying with us, and I couldn't have been happier.

I never understood why she had never come out to our house for Christmas before, I could only imagine. I figure my personal thoughts on this are probably correct. Having her that one Christmas was probably as much a gift for me as it was for my dad. It was a wonderful time I will never forget.

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  1. What a generous gift and a VERY cool idea!

  2. Hi Donna Jane, I have very fond memories of this time and feel very fortunate that it was able to all come together!


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