Advent Calendar Day 11 ~ Other Traditions

I have no idea what traditions were at Christmas for any of my grandparents or great grandparents. I do know there were two things that were traditions in my parents home on Christmas. The first one was that we didn't get to open out presents until 1:00pm on Christmas Day.

I suppose growing up and being used to that wasn't as bad as others may think, that was just the way my mother did it. She would get up in the morning, start the turkey (we always had turkey) and do some cooking. My mother's mother and her husband came to our house for Christmas Day, and they came at one o'clock.

Looking back on this, I think it is amazing I didn't fuss about it as I can't imagine ever having my children wait until that time to open their gifts. My children put out milk and cookies on Christmas Eve, I don't know if that was ever done in my parents home, I can't remember it if it was.

The other tradition on Christmas Day was that we always had to dress up. In fact we had to dress up on Christmas Eve to go to my other grandparents home also. My sisters and I had to wear a dress and nice shoes. It all seems so formal to me now, and actually it was.

These traditions have sure changed with my husband and children. We try to have everyone over between 8-9am. We put on Christmas music, a fire, and everyone has coffee and or hot chocolate, in our jammies. (You see a picture of my grandson in his jammies above) We open our stockings and then our gifts. I started another tradition upon having my own family. Christmas stockings were added (my mother never did stockings) and I wrap each item that goes in them! I know that sounds kinda strange, but I remember myself as a child always wanting to open more and more. Why not start with opening our stocking stuffers? Left over pieces of wrapping paper usually worked well, it was just another time consuming thing I started. Is now is also a tradition to have a family breakfast together after opening our gifts.

This year, my grandson is at an age where he should be home on Christmas morning, I believe it is time we go to their home for our morning ritual. Kids should be able to be home with their newly unwrapped toys.

Several years ago one of my daughters missed a Christmas and she said she will never miss another one. We weren't sure if she would be able to make it home this year, but son of a gun, the plane tickets are bought and she is coming.

I am happy some of my mother's traditions have changed and new ones have started. It looks as if my children are happy with our traditions as they won't miss it! I wonder what traditions my children will change or start over time?

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. Pj's and 8am sounds like more fun :-)

    Everything in our stockings was always wrapped. I never stopped to think that not everyone does this.

    I miss Christmas mornings with kids. With three sets we'd have to pick one family to visit so we stay home and wait for their phone calls. I hope your visit to your grandson's home is magical!

  2. Hi Apple! I have to admit I enjoy the Pj's more. Now if I had small children living here, it would be much earlier that we open the gifts too.

    You are the only other person I have heard of that had wrapped gifts in their stocking! I have been kidded many times about wrapping mine.

    I am fortunate that I only have one family here with children and I don't have to pick and choose. I understand your staying at home waiting for calls. I really hope your Christmas is special this year and thank you for your wishes also!


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