Wordless Wednesday ~ Like Mother, Like Daughter?

Hazel McGuire and Lois Helman. Scanned copy. Original held by Richard Larry Fleming.

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  1. Absolutely! I know if I dug around I'd find some mother/daughter photos in my maternal line similar to this one. I bet they didn't even realize what they were doing.

  2. Hi Tracy! I had to laugh out loud when I saw this! I am sure they never had a clue as to how they looked. I actually think I have a couple of similar pictures of the two of them sitting very much alike too. They are separate pictures of each of them though. I will have to check that out better one day! Thanks for leaving a comment!

  3. Cute picture. It's funny how we pick up our parents tendencies even when we try hard not to.

  4. Hi Mavis, it is funny isn't it? I especially like the part "even when we try not to!"


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