Tombstone Tuesday ~ Fleming

Father and Mother Fleming. Don't you just love it? I know who this memorial belongs to though, Thomas and Elizabeth (Downey) Fleming. They were my gggrandparents.

Thomas was born in Kilkenny, Ireland in 1832. His siblings and parents were also born in Ireland. When Thomas was nine he came to Canada with his parents. Thomas died in 1908 in Cushing, Oklahoma.

Elizabeth was born in Ontario, Canada in 1834. She married Thomas on October 27, 1856 in Canada. Together they had ten children. Most of their children were born in Canada, but somewhere between 1870 and 1873 they left Canada and wound up in Kansas.

By 1908 Thomas and Elizabeth are both buried in the "Old Cushing Cemetery" in Cushing, Oklahoma. Thomas passed away August 5, 1908 while Elizabeth died sometime in 1904.

Although I never met my gggrandparents, I do remember their son, my ggrandfather, grandpa Joe.

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  1. Hi Cheryl,
    I just came across this posting and I think you have a connection to my husband's tree. Not a direct link, but interesting just the same. Is your Thomas Fleming the s/o William Fleming and Catherine Mackie? Is your Elizabeth Downey the d/o Patrick Downey and Elizabeth Phelan? If so, then Thomas's brother Richard married Elizabeth Corrigan who is the sister of my husband's grandfather Michael Charles Corrigan. Two of Elizabeth Downey's cousins married brothers of Michael. Bridget Phelan married Patrick Corrigan, and Susan Phelan married John Corrigan. You mentioned a move to Kansas. Patrick and Bridget and John and Susan moved to Ellsworth, Kansas, as well as siblings Bridget Corrigan and husband Luke Kehoe, Catherine Corrigan and husband Roger Cain, and James Corrigan and wife Angela Delos.

    I'm willing to share info if you are interested.

  2. Yes, interesting just the same! My answers to your questions are yes and yes! I would love to share information with you and chat more personally! Please contact me at geneaminded at gmail dot com! Thank you Jackie and very nice to meet you! Looking forward to more conversation!

    1. My grandfather was born in Cushing, Oklahoma to Thomas Fleming and ?? McCormick. His name was Felix Fleming. We also descend from this family.

    2. My grandfather was Felix Fleming. He was born in Cushing, Oklahoma son of Patrick Fleming and Elizabeth McCormick. His family, I believe, moved back to Canada...Ponoka, Alberta. He married Nellie Berdine and they had two sons, Harold and Lawrence and a daughters, mother. Lawrence turned 90 this year and is living near Vancouver, Canada. Many of my grandfather's siblings lived in the Washington/Oregon area.

    3. It is Elizabeth McCormick! I replied below, but not certain you have seen the reply...your mother is my dad's second cousin! You can contact me at!

  3. Your mother is my dad's second cousin! Please contact me at, I would love to share informations! Do you know Jackie also then? I hope she contacts me also! Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, I have been very busy with a new puppy, dance competitions and classes for my granddaughter and sports with my grandson. I do look forward to hearing from you both!!!! Thanks for commenting!


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