Those Places Thursday ~ Buca de Beppo

This place, Bucca de Beppo, is an Italian style restaurant that my family went to for my father's retirement in April 2002. The one we dined in was in Sacramento. There are several of these restaurants on the West Coast and I noticed one in Ohio and Texas also. These may even be all over the country, I don't know.

An authentic family style restaurant with "a fun atmosphere and flavorful dining" as they say. It is a wild and crazy atmosphere alright! The little private room we were placed in made me wonder if my sister (she made the plans) felt my father needed spiritual guidance upon being retired. I don't think she requested this room...and honestly, I can't remember how the rest of the decor was, but I do know every bit of wall space, shelves, tables etc were packed with something!

I just have to share what we had sitting in the middle of our round table!

I am sure my fathers first thought was "Bless me Father for I have sinned." Yes, dad, you have to look at this all through dinner! Along with many many other spiritual items through the room. It was a very busy place, not with people, with decor!

This was probably the calmest, most peaceful area in the room, and seriously the most comforting and relaxing, the ceiling! I can't say we all sat with our heads hanging back and staring up at the ceiling however. The busyness of the room was actually great for conversation and partying!

We enjoyed a decent meal, but nothing to write home about, after all it is a family style restaurant. My dad was thrilled, I know, to have all of his kids and their families here! This is a rare occasion anymore, getting us all together. It was a perfect place to bring the children and my father was allowed to receive gifts, so it was all good.

And the most important picture of the night, maybe, was this...

He Made It! Retirement. He has been enjoying every minute of it!

If you haven't been in one of these restaurants, you may want to check it out, even if only to walk into the place. It is unique! In September 2008 Buca Inc. was acquired by Planet Hollywood, so actually I don't know if the themes have stayed the same as I haven't been in one of these since 2002.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. I'm from the Sacramento area and that restaurant is certainly one of the more colorful ones in the city. I agree that the food isn't anything special, but the decor more than makes up for it, lol! I had no idea they were bought by Planet Hollywood- I was there back in February and it seemed like the same zany restaurant its always been.

  2. We have two down here in San Diego Cheryl. Although I haven't been to one (and I will plan on it) my daughter and her friends have had birthday's and several other events there, she said the food is very good, a little pricey but if you share it's more than enough food for two. She said it's a great place to dine out at.

  3. Hi Leah, so it is still the same zany restaurant now! It is nice to know someone else agrees with me regarding the food. LOL

    Hi Gini, the chefs make all the difference in the world regarding the food at these different restaurants. Let me know what you think if you ever try one!


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