Those Places Thursday ~ Bethel Luthern Church

When I first got acquainted (as an adult) with a first cousin of my mother's a few years ago, I remember some of the stories this cousin told me. One was of the church back where the Harding family grew up in Rowland, Pennsylvania. She told me most (if not all) of my great grandparents children had been baptized in this church. I was told the church wasn't far from the family home.

Upon making my initial visit to Rowland, I of course, needed to see the family home, the cemetery and the church. This church was the second place we found. It was not far from the family home, just off the towpath. In fact, it was at the end of this same road that the cemetery is located cemetery.

I was surprised to see the family home had been well taken care of and this church was another prime example of a small town staying together and taking care of their buildings. Both the home and the church looked to have been well built and taken care of, even with a fresh coat of paint. I felt different about the cemetery, but that is another story and really, for a small town old cemetery, what was I expecting anyway?

I was pleased to see this town and where my mother's paternal side of the family came from. It is amazing how emotions take over when you visit a family homestead, the family tends to come alive to you. Visiting only made me want to learn more. When I returned home I went through my notes on this family and found I was able to understand them better and even put a few pieces of the puzzle in order. More questions seemed to develop also, but I knew where to turn. I also knew I was very lucky to have someone to turn to!

I do not have pictures of any of the other churches that my family have been baptized in, so this picture is very special to me. I am planning on visiting with my cousin soon and hope to hear many more stories. Time could be on a short rein, so need to get moving. I strive to get every family story I can, while I can! Do you think meeting tomorrow would be to soon?

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. What a beautiful picture of the church, Cheryl! I enjoyed reading your post!!

  2. Hi Becky, I thought the picture turned out well and the church was great! Glad you enjoyed! Thank you for commenting!


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