"Nomination" Brings New Coincidental Family Information

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Some time ago I met one of my mother's cousins, online. I have not met her in person yet, which I am very ashamed to admit because she lives but a few hours from me. I hoped to meet her this past summer, but I hear summer is now over. Ok, I will plan for this fall then! Darn, but fall is already so booked...somehow I HAVE to make this a priority!

This cousin and I have enjoyed many emails and I have learned so much about this branch of my family. I am amazed that I have never met this cousin, ever. At various points in her life she lived close to where I grew up. Every time I learn of a place she has lived, it again strikes me as very odd that we have never met.
Just about the time I was sure I knew every place this cousin has lived, I learned of a new one! This reminds me...I can't possibly know everywhere she has lived, not yet anyway. (Remember, there is always so much to learn!)

This new discovery was about more than just a place or residence however. It turns out that my cousin read a bit of my blog, probably for the first time, because I informed her that "Heritage Happens" was nominated in "Family Tree Magazine's Top 40 Best Genealogy Blogs" contest.

Upon reading bits and pieces of my blog, my cousin came back to me with some information and a question or two. First, she informed me that she also had lived in one of the same areas that my ex-in-laws use to live. I thought this was pretty coincidental and my mind started to wander. Before it wandered to far though, I continued reading this particular email. I was next asked if I knew a particular family. Well, the surname sure rang a bell although the given names weren't coming to mind. I immediately opened my family tree and searched for these people and sure enough, there they were! Where was the family connection? Ah, ok, now I know!

Now, let's see if I can explain the connection. My daughter's "Great Grand Uncle" (on her father's side) was acquainted with my daughter's "First Cousin 2x Removed" (on her mother's side)! Or, to put it another way, my "Grand Uncle in Law" (from my first marriage) was acquainted with my "First Cousin Once Removed" (from my maternal side). Is that wild or what?
Two days ago, after I figured the conglomeration, I sent a reply to my cousin and let her know that yes, there was a connection. Small, small world.

Funny, but for some strange reason this phrase comes to mind from one of the Parent Trap movies:

"My nanny and your butler?"
(But it isn't even like that... really!)

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


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