Fleming Marries Farrell

Mary C. Fleming was born to Thomas and Elizabeth (Downey) Fleming about 1857 in Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. Thomas was a native of Kilkenny, Ireland, while Elizabeth was born in Canada.

Mary C. Fleming was married to Patrick J. Farrell June 20, 1877 in Marshall County Kansas. Patrick Farrell was born in County Longford, Ireland on March 4, 1849 to Patrick and Mary (Milnamow) Farrell. When Patrick J. was a mere 2 years old, the Farrell family immigrated to the United States via the Black Star Line. The Black Star Line was a sailing vessel which landed in New York in December 1851. The family moved on to De Kalb County, Illinois were the father was a farmer.

In 1869 Patrick J. Farrell came to Marshall County, Kansas where he homesteaded 160 acres. Patrick was known as a remarkable man. His farm would attracted people passing by. He took great pleasure in having well tilled fields and remarkable buildings. His fields were productive and the homestead showed prosperity. With a common education and his ability to be frugal and business minded he became financially well established. It wasn't until he achieved this though that he married.

The Farrell's owned many fruit trees and buildings, but most of the land was used for pasture. They were members of the Catholic Church, outstanding members as a matter of fact. Patrick also was involved in politics and was a solid Democrat. He served as the Township Trustee (for a couple of years) as a road overseer and Clerk of the School District.

Mary was a well educated woman. She received schooling from a Catholic School in Gatesburg, Illinois, for four years. Mary also was in a convent in Farmassa, Canada for four years.

As of this date I have found that Mary and Patrick had six children. They were said to be bright and interesting children, five boys and one girl. They were Patrick, Elizabeth T., Thomas L., Bernard W., Gregory and Henry M.

Mary was my second great grandparents daughter.

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