California Genealogy Society Blogging Event

Event -Blog Your Genealogy: hosted by the California Genealogical Society. October 10, 2009. Oakland, California. Digital image taken by Tim Cox. Photo held by Cheryl Palmer [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009.

The California Genealogy Society put on a wonderful blogging event! Thomas MacEntee and Craig Manson gave the ins and outs and ups and downs of blogging. I felt fortunate to attend this event which brought Thomas here from Chicago and Craig from the Sacramento area. I like to support all of the GeneaBloggers if and when I can. Kathryn Doyle was, I am sure, a big part of this event coming to life! Steve Danko also was in attendance to show his support.

Even though I already write for a couple of blogs I was anxious to hear the presentations. I tried to view them as a non blogger. Wow, seemed to me a lot of information to cover and learn for the newbie, although easy to do! After we have been blogging for awhile we take for granted all we know. You tend to forget we once were beginners also. I figure there is always something I can learn at an event, and I wasn't disappointed at this one either. I snatched up some tips and ideas myself.

Thomas and Craig did such a wonderful job on each of their presentations, and shared many examples on their topics. I know we are all different and learn differently. I personally love examples, and learn best from examples. I loved listening to both of them speak, they kept my attention! Setting up a blog and blogging can involve copyright issues. It was perfect to have Thomas explain the how to's of blogging with Craig following up on the legal side of things too!

There were several people in attendance, which was awesome. I am now waiting to hear about and see the new blogs which will pop up as a result of this presentation. I know one already!

I enjoyed visiting with each of these GeneaBloggers. They contribute to the community in remarkable ways. I appreciate everything they do and am very proud to be a part of the genealogy environment! I tip my hat to each of you, Kathryn, Thomas, Craig and Steve! You are all awesome people and I thank you for allowing me to be involved with you!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. Cheryl,
    Thanks so much for your kind words and for attending and lending support to the event and to Thomas and Craig. They were fantastic! And, you are right, new blogs are being created. I'll be adding them to the CGS member blog roll soon.

  2. Cheryl - thanks for the feedback - it was great to have you in the audience and then to get together for dinner with the other genealogy bloggers afterwards. I definitely will be back at CGSL to speak and hopefully I'll get to see you again before Jamboree next June!

  3. Hi Kathryn,

    I will be excited to see the new blogs added! Thomas and Craig were fantastic! Thank you for commenting.

    Hi Thomas,

    Hope you enjoyed the rest of your time while in Ca. Glad to hear you are willing to come back!You never know when we may see each other again, would be nice if it were before Jamboree though!


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