Those Places Thursday - Bohannon Middle School

This is where I went to middle school, Bohannon Middle School in San Lorenzo, California. One of the neighbor friends and I walked to school together. I remember it seemed so far away back then. Looking back now, I think it is maybe a half a mile or so from where I lived.

I remember getting into trouble when I was attending this school. One particular girl and I became friends. She lived on the opposite side of town from me, so I never knew her before going to school here. If I remember correctly we were both girl scouts also. I also think this girl had a handicap of some sort, but I can't remember what it was. Maybe she walked with a limp?

After a period of time I remember there were some girls who teased me because I spent so much time with this friend of mine. Then I became aware that she always wanted my attention and I didn't fit in the "cool crowd" anymore. I couldn't tell her to stay away from me, so I wrote it in a note. Hurt her feelings. Bad. The school called my house, her parents called my house and my parents were all over me. I learned a couple things back then, I never wanted to deliberately hurt anyones feelings again, and never, never put anything in writing you don't want to come back at you! Hum, school days and the cruelty of children. All to be part of the "cool gang."

I don't recall this girls name, but if she is reading this, I apologise. I know I was made to back then, but this time it is from my heart.

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. Hi Cheryl,
    I just ran across your blog. I went to Bohannon also. I have a FaceBook page about San Lorenzo that I though you might be interested in seeing. By the way, I have a passion for genealogy also. My Facebook page is called "San Lorenzo, I remember when... I hope you'll take a look and perhaps had some of your own comments and pictures.
    Kind regards, Toni Mann

  2. Hi Toni, I looked for your Facebook page but didn't find it. You are a Bohannon alumni and like genealogy! I am not sure which Toni Mann you are to become friends with you. Maybe you can connect with me on facebook?


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