Forty Best Genealogy Blogs

Family Tree Magazine is asking you to vote on your favorite Genealogy Blogs! Questions have risen regarding the voting procedure. Over at footnoteMaven's blog, you can read the questions she proposed. As usual, footnoteMaven is on her toes! Great questions!

Dianne Haddad of The Insider Blog at Family Tree was also on her toes and posted a reply to the questions footnoteMaven asked. If you click on the link of The Insider Blog you can read Dianne's response.

Conclusions, as footnoteMaven understands this voting process are posted here. Now you have all of the links so you can follow the process Family Tree Magazine is promoting.

My understanding in this process is that you are actually nominating your favorite blogs. Nominations may be made until September 30, and you may nominate as many blogs as you wish, although they must be nominated one at a time. If you choose not to read the above links you can still go on ahead and vote for your favorites here.

The actual voting will take place October 5 through November 5 as explained in the links. So take the time to nominate your favorites. I have nominated some and plan to nominate more!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. Thanks Cheryl - you and footnoteMaven are correct in that right now you can nominate as many of your favorite genealogy blogs as you want.

    I know it is time consuming but if you have blogs you really love, everyone should take a few minutes to nominate the faves and make sure you leave a reason why you like them.

  2. Thank you Thomas! You are so right, everyone needs to go and nominate a few blogs they really like! Thank you for the comment and reminding everyone!


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