A Different Monday Madness, and Tuesday Madness and Wednesday Madness...

It is the end of summer and I am wondering why I am so busy all of a sudden? I was concerned about being so busy during summer, but lately, wow! Time...there isn't enough....there isn't enough of it...ever!

I have many projects I am working on. In this post I will name just a few. A new laptop was an extremely wonderful and surprising gift for my birthday! It took a week before I could even turn it on, that is how busy I have been. Now that I have I want everything transferred from my old laptop to the new one, right now! Not going to happen, I already tried. Main obstacle, many of my programs are not compatible with Vista. Second obstacle, the new computer doesn't have Word or Excel, and of course all of my files are done with those programs, not Microsoft Works, etc.

I understand Windows 7 is coming out the beginning of next month and I do have a free upgrade coming. Until that time, maybe I will just work off the old laptop. I have copied many of my family history type documents over, and many pictures, but not all. It is a process. I understand FTM doesn't like Vista either, so I probably won't even work with that yet. I have downloaded Roots Magic and so far so good, but I haven't entered anything in the program yet. I downloaded my Kodak Easyshare program and it already doesn't want to work. Looks like my programs are good up to the XP time period, the end.

I am still updating some of my picture CD's. I have maybe 25 more to update and that project will be done!

One of the new cousins I have met has been sending me photos and information. She actually mailed me her family tree info on our family. WOW, so much new information to go through, but oh, so fun! I am truly enjoying so many new photos that I plan to share. I, in return, have spent some time sending information to my cousin, along with photos. She says I make her days with the photos!

I was real busy for a couple weeks or so with my other blog, The Graveyard Rabbit of South Alameda County. I have been doing a series of posts on that blog which led to some very exciting exchanges and meeting new people. I still need to work on that series, I am behind and behind with the communication of someone I met because of my posts.

As of last month I have been babysitting my grandchildren quite a bit, but with school starting now and schedules changing, I may be down to a couple of days a week. I am also watching my nephew after school every day, and taking these children where they need to go or come from. My grandchildren spent most of this weekend with us as my daughter was out of town. Little ones sure keep you busy! Such a joy though, I am most fortunate to share in their growing and learning almost daily.

I have also been in the middle of a small business venture, off and on. More off than on actually lately, but I need to get back to that too. I have been sewing and making things. Baby slings are what started me on this venture and purses have followed and well, you know, it just keeps growing...and I am behind. Focus on this project is important to me, and I need to dedicate some time.

Being healthy is an issue that has been long overlooked most of my life. Something, anything and everything has always been more important than taking care of myself. The time has come that I am going to improve my health! I actually already started this process on March 25, when I quit smoking. So, September 25 will be six months that I have quit. I am pretty darn happy about that! I feel I am ready to start breaking another habit. My challenge this time? An addiction to food.

Food is my all emotional safety net. I am happy, I eat. I am tired, I eat. I am stressed, I eat. I am bored (when do I ever have a chance to be bored, really?) I eat. Someone else wants to eat, I eat. You get the picture. I am sure I am not the only one in this boat. This change has actually started a couple of days ago. I attended a Yoga hypnosis type of meditation for weight loss a couple days ago. I will be attending three more of these this month. I am also going to attend a support group for weight loss on another day, at the Yoga studio. My daughter has been trying to get me into Yoga. She has done wonderfully with it for the past couple of years and loves it so very much. I am finally going to give it a go. She is attending a beginning class with me this Thursday evening.I am tired of having back aches and being so uncomfortable due to my weight. I want to be more flexible, comfortable, and healthy for me and my family. I am excited. I hope the enthusiasm stays with me.

All in all, it has and will be busy for me for awhile. I feel as if I have a full time job again with everything going on. I plan to post as I can, but it may not be as often as I had been posting. I need to simplify. The list I have of "want to do's" can be endless...I hope you don't mind hearing occasionally about how I am doing. I am hoping I to do a lot of bragging.

My "Monday Madness?" TIME. There is NEVER, NEVER enough time! I can't accomplish the things I want to in a day. Time, it goes to fast...

(The real problem? My real madness? I need to give up some things. With all the extra time I gained when I stopped working...I have just added and added and added so many things I want to do... when will I learn I can't do it all????)

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



    I hear you about the health thing - got a mammogram this Tuesday. Hey, I know I need the physical and the stirrup thing too, but it's a start. (And no - I won't even consider giving up smoking. I am afraid if I tried I would stab someone)


  2. Hi Sheri! It may actually be about 5 1/2 months at this point. Thank you! This time actually was fairly easy. I am sure it has a lot to do with the classes and being ready and the meds too. I actually did all of my check up appt, and more in about 3 days! A couple were on a Friday, then a couple on the following Monday and then the rest on Wed. And hey, roomie, you can only quit smoking when and if YOU are ready! Thank god I didn't kill anyone, then I would be in jail trying to figure out how to do everything! LOL

  3. Congrats on quitting! I've quit 6 times now but I've never made it six months. I'll give it another shot this fall. Good luck with Vista. I've managed to avoid it going so far as to buy a used computer last time. Will any of your files open with Open Office? I keep saying I'm going to download it but haven't yet.

  4. Nice long update. A few quick things. First, re: FTM06, very hard to put on Vista, but the 08 and 09 are compatable. Did you see what I wrote abt. the scanner, my Canon doesn't work with Vista. Ha, now you know what I have been complaining about for so long.

    Another note, you know abt. my back pains, well PT has helped a lot. Many of the exercises are those used for Yoga. I have been faithful doing them and walking 45 min. a day. I feel years younger, and have lost abt. 6 lbs. now. I have a feeling you will really like Yoga. I don't want this to be like an email, so I will close.
    Again, thanks for the long blog post.

  5. Good for you to quit smoking - I know that's not easy!

    I can really relate to the eating thing - I am exactly like that...happy, sad whatever - it's time to eat. Several weeks ago I started walking at lunch...it's something I can do indoors so no weather excuses!

    You keep up the good work and I look forward to "brags" and updates. We all need some encouragement!!!

  6. Oh, yeah, I need to get the food thing under control, too. Focusing on your own health is always so difficult when there are so many other people to care for, too. Good luck - it sounds as though you have made a great start.

  7. Hi Apple, thank you! I have quit several times, the last time was for nine years and then started again. I blamed stress at work. This time it is forever, I am done. Vista I think is more of a challenge to transfer to, I am going to wait for Windows 7. I saw where your mom wasn't doing well, I hope she is doing much better now!

    Hi Barbara, I know what you complained about now for sure! I can't even get my printer to hook up. I am sure the scanner won't either. I am waiting on it. You are doing so awesome, congrats! I will let you know about the Yoga.

    Hi Diane R, congrats to you for walking! That is great you can do it indoors too. I sure hope I can have something to brag about in the future!

    I thank you all for leaving comments, have a great day!

  8. Hi Greta, So many people have an issue with food unfortunately. I am doing ok for now. I wish you all the best too!It is so true, when you are the "caretaker" it seems you are the last person on your list of people to take care of.


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