"Where I Have Lived Series" becomes "Those Places Thursday"

I have been asked a few questions about the photos I have been posting regarding this series, so I thought it would be a good idea to explain these pictures and why I am sharing them. In the process I have also decided to make some changes regarding these posts!

A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to take photos of all of the places I have ever lived, at least the ones I was aware of! I spent three days driving, photographing and viewing these places. I was fortunate enough to have lived in the same basic vicinity most of my life which cut on travel, time and costs.

It has been very interesting for me to see the changes some of these dwellings and areas have gone through. Some areas and homes improved and some went downhill. Most have been painted and look quite different from when I lived there. Of course, many years have passed, so these dwellings were bound to have changed. When I was very young, one or two areas where I used to live are not good areas currently, so I enlisted my husband to drive along with me. I am not sure he understood the importance to me of why I wanted these photos, or why I would go to these areas, but he was a good sport about it!

As I was in different areas, I also took pictures of some of the homes where my grandparents had lived. One house in particular was very nicely fixed up and even had an added second floor! One home I had no recollection of at all.

How many times have we enjoyed looking at pictures of the homes our ancestors lived in? One day someone may want to know where I actually lived! Even if no one really wants to know, I have REALLY enjoyed revisiting and digitizing these places. Some are of apartments where I have lived, one is even of a duplex. A couple are of houses where I may have lived for just a couple of months that were owned by family or friends, which I call "transitional homes." I can think of one or two places I haven't photographed yet, (one of which I have been to the general area, but can't remember exactly where this house is, and the other, I haven't been to yet, but may have some trouble remembering this exact house also) so will have to do that one of these days. Wow, I have lived in many places! Hopefully, I will also find photos of some of these places when I actually lived there, and I can show you a "Then and Now!"

Have you taken photos of the dwellings where you have lived? Are you curious about how they may look now? Are they even standing still? Do you have photographs of these dwellings when you actually lived there? What about the schools you, your relatives and ancestors attended? Do you have photos of those? Job sites or places of employment?

Upon doing this post, I have decided to change the name of this series to "Those Places Thursday" and post this series on, gee, I suppose Thursdays would be good! I will now be able to share information with the pictures I post, which will clarify and explain what you are viewing. I look forward to sharing "Those Places Thursday" with you, and invite anyone who may wish to share "Those Places" too, to do so on their blogs starting next Thursday!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. Hi, Cheryl! I really like your idea. I think next time I visit my parents, I will go "house hunting" to take photos. Unfortunately, I lived in a trailer the first six years of my life, and it has been moved. I have no idea where it was moved to. Oh, well. I can start with six years old onward.

  2. This is a great idea for covering an important aspect in the records on your own life that you leave behind for your descendants. I've though at times about visiting some of the places where I have lived, but since I grew up in Texas and California and now live in Virginia, that will have to wait until I have the time and money to travel to those places. However, I have found (and someone else posted about this as well) that you can occasionally Google an address and turn up a realtor's picture of a former home!

  3. Don't forget you can use Google Earth or Virtual Earth to see the places you can't get to. You can save a picture from Virtual Earth by holding the ctrl button and pressing the Print Screen button. You can crop this picture in Microsoft Paint and save it as a regular photo. I am not sure about how Google Earth works for this because my house was too blurry to use the picture so I didn't pursue it.

  4. I love your series! I did a series
    "Homes of Our Ancestors" When possible did Then and Now pictures.
    It is really fun to look at the old pictures and what they look like now. We have a book called Chattanooga Then and Now,which is pretty neat. They took some old photos and went out to the same site now and took pictures. Some of the building were still there some were not.

  5. Hi Jennifer,

    There are people who will be at different levels as far as taking photos of where they have lived. Prime example, the trailer has been moved. Some people may not get back to where they once lived for one reason or another. It will be fun to get what you can get, later on in years things change even more!

    Hi Greta,

    Sometimes we forget to document our own history, once in awhile I come up with an idea or two! Where about in California, northern or southern? If it is northern, maybe I can help you out!

    Hi Lori E,

    You are so right in checking out google earth and or Virtual Earth! I read your post on your home, it was great! I am so fortunate as I still live in the same basic area.

    Hi Harriet,

    I bet your series was wonderful, and fun!I am not sure I have many photos right now of the places "then" but will work on trying to get some. Hopefully as I get them I can do those "then and now photos", they are so fun! I will check out your series too!


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