Dulin's In Norway, I Have Crossed The Ocean! Translation Time!

I have always been told that a part of my family came from Norway. This is one of the first bits of information I have received that proves I do. This is the 1875 census which shows Dagny and her family in Skein, Telemark, Norway. I wish to thank my newest online friend (KC-R) who was so kind to exchange information with me on my HARDING line!

Kretsnr Krets Gate Gardnr Gardseigar By
9 1 9 Henrik Ibsens Gade 29 Bryggeriet (forr. Joh.?? Borcksønner) Skien
Personnr. Hushald Førenamn Etternamn Kjønn Fam. stilling Sivilstand Yrke Fødd år Fødestad Bostatus Trussamf. Etasje

140 1 1 Hans Dulin m hf g Hypothekbankens Kommissionær participant i Ølbryggeri 1830 Vingers Pr. b Hovedbygningens


141 2 1 Hanna Eline Dulin f Blom k hm g 1837 Gjerpens Pr. b
142 3 Anna Sophie Dulin k d ug 1864 Christiania b
143 4 Søren Blom Dulin m s 1865 Skien b
144 5 Einar Dulin m s 1866 Skien b
145 6 Magnhild Dulin k d 1867 Skien b
146 7 Haakon Dulin m s 1870 Skien b
147 8 Sverre Dulin m s 1871 Skien b
148 9 Dagny Dulin k d 1872 Skien b
149 10 Roald Dulin m s 1873 Skien b
150 11 Gunvor Dulin k d 1874 Skien b

Isn't this wonderful? You bet it is! There is only one problem, I have no idea how to read Norwegian! I can make a guess or two about what some of this says, but in this business, no guessing allowed!

I have really, actually, hit pay dirt, family across the ocean! This means I have my work cut out for me, translation is in order. Of course key words will help immensely with translating this, but I do have to make some guesses for fun!

Let's see how close I may be in the translations. Here are my guesses.

I see Dagny's siblings, parents and all of their birth dates, which I did not have. I believe I see where they were all born and the job my gggrandfather held at the time, although I am not sure what it is, something maybe referring to commissioner of a bank? In Norway, what would a commissioner have been? Maybe an owner, part owner, manager?

The single initials after each name, what would they stand for? I have a feeling it states their sex, and possibly if they are married or single? Maybe the first numbers before the names are the numbers of the person the census taker counted and the next number would be the person in the household after the head of the household as we would say. Ok, I have jumped around here a bit, but it has been fun! Enough of the guessing though. My next step will be to translate this!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. Good luck with this. Norwegian seems so much more difficult than my learning to read the French documents that I use all the time. The free translation sites don't do a very good job with Norwegian I find.
    At any rate it is a step forward in your research. Way to go.
    By the way my word verification on this post is "laust" which is what we researchers often are. Lost.

  2. So, have you needed to translate Norwegian? Do you have Norwegian in your family? I have made a step forward in my research, and I do need to learn Norwegian. i actually have another line of Norwegian and have a letter I need to transcribe also.

    I love the word verification you got, isn't it so true! thank you for commenting Lori!

  3. Cheryl,

    How exciting this must be! BTW, I have a colleague whose daughter is a Norwegian studies major at the University of Oregon . . . may be I can hook you up!

  4. Hi Craig,

    This is very exciting! I knew much of my family came from Norway, but it has taken until now to actually verify this particular line and get some proof from Norway!

    I would be very excited to connect with your collegue's daughter if she is interested! Maybe she would be able to somehow incorporate my information with her studies? How awesome would that be?!?!

  5. Hi Craig...

    My great great grandfather was Hans Dulin.... I am Norwegian - and decend from Hans and Hannas son. Sverre.... Tell me if you still need help in reading Norwegian...

    Kind regards Cecilie Dulin Syvertsen

  6. Hi !

    My name is Cecilie - I am a 46 year old Norwegian who stumbled over this page by accident.... my mothers name was Berit Dulin - her fathers name Sverre Dulin - her grandfathers name was also Sverre Dulin - and her great grandfathers name was Hans Dulin (from Skien, Norway....) So we seem to be related.

    Tell me if you are still interested in help with Norwegian translation.... as it seems to have gone some years since this post :-) Kind regards, Cecilie Dulin Syvertsen

  7. Hi Cecilie!

    SO VERY exciting to hear from you!!!! Yes, we would be cousins! And, by the way, I am Cheryl, not Craig. I would more than LOVE to talk with you! I am SO very excited that a Norwegian cousin has found this post. Please, please email me at cap55 at comcast dot net.

    Happy Easter!



  8. So I have :-) you are right about the letters in front of the names: K = kvinne ((female) gm = gift med (married to)
    m= mann (male) d=datter (daughter) s=sønn (son) ug=ugift (unmarried...not married)....so you see - Norwegian is quite similar to English.... "talk soon" :-) And I will take you to Skien if you come travelling to Scandinavia <3

  9. Thank you! I have received that email and will be responding shortly! I have a lot to learn still, and yes, I do plan to come visit! ;-)


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