Blogging Prompt #18

Showcase a favorite blog or blogger. This is a great way to share some blog love and introduce readers to new genealogy writers. Thanks to We Tree for the inspiration!

Instead of showcasing a favorite blog or blogger (there are so many I couldn't choose just one) I thought I would showcase a new to me blog. If you are doing Irish research, you need to follow this one, Irish Genealogical Research. I have Irish in my lines but haven't researched in Ireland as of yet. Even though I am not ready to research there, I have found this blog to be informative and fun to follow. Who knows, maybe by the time I am ready to research in Ireland, I will be a step ahead of the game! The more I learn as I go along, the easier it will be by the time I am actually ready to go "Irish."

Articles on Irish research, history, surnames, places, and researchers are an example of what you will find. You will find a link to Irish genealogy message boards, which I haven't been to yet but look forward to exploring.

This article, among others, "Irish History-Three Reasons You Should Be Studying It For Your Genealogy Research" sold me. It is very well written and gives much food for thought! I will be following!

Even if Irish isn't in your blood, I suggest you take a peek, as it may just give you some new ideas or thoughts about the blood line you do need to follow!

Speaking of Irish blood, if you haven't been to Small-leaved Shamrock you are missing out. Small-leaved Shamrock is also the home of "The Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture." This is not a new blog, but it is a must for those with Irish Heritage. Even though Lisa has taken a hiatus from blogging for a bit to work on some spring cleaning, there are many articles to catch up on until Lisa returns.

I am sure there are other Irish blogs that I am not aware of, if you know of any please leave a link! Happy Irish researching!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!


  1. Thanks very much, Cheryl, for choosing to highlight good resources for Irish family history this week, and for mentioning Small-leaved Shamrock.

    I look forward to reading more about your search for Irish roots when you finally dig deeply into them.

    100 Years in AmericaSmall-leaved ShamrockA light that shines againCarnival of Irish Heritage & Culture

  2. Thank you for the kind review of my site. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. Come back any time! I typically post new content Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and sometimes on the weekends.

    Stephanie at the Irish Genealogical Research blog

  3. Hi Lisa,

    My pleasure! I look forward to getting involved in my Irish research one day!Right now I am in Norwegian!

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for letting everyone know your scheduling on posts! I do enjoy your blog and look forward to using all of the resources I am finding for my own Irish research, hopefully sooner than later!


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