Wordless Wednesday

Whales. January 29, 2009. Cabo Mexico. Digital Images. Privately held by Msteri [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009


  1. Aren't they beautiful animals? I took the kids to Maine in 2001 and we went "whale watching!" It was one of the highlights of our trip and they actually remember it today! Thanks for sharing friend.

  2. Awesome photo Msteri, perfect "Wordless Wednesday", thank you.

  3. Great shots. They are beautiful? Looks like you had a wonderful vacation. While you were vacationing we were buying a house. Check out my blog for pictures.

  4. Hi Taylorstales!

    Isn't it wonderful when a vacation with the kids leaves such great memories for all? Glad to have brought back memories for you!

    Hi Gini!

    I thought a few of these pictures were perfect for a Wordless Wednesday as they really didn't need an introduction!

    Hi sblimes!

    To see whales so up close and personal putting a show on for you, yes, they were beautiful! I will check out your blog! Always fun to buy a new home!

    Thanks to all for commenting!


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