Steve Danko's Radio Interview

Steve Danko and I have taken some online courses together and I have met him once. Today he was interviewed on KUSF 90.3FM, in San Francisco. He was interviewed by Zbyszek Stanczyk who is the host of Studio Poland, this particular radio station. I had the pleasure of listening to his interview.

They spoke of Polish genealogy and Steve's blog, Steve's Genealogy Blog. Beginning genealogy was discussed for the newbies as well as information on Polish specific research. The interview was reminiscent of information that I have been previously privy to regarding his research in the past few years. It reminded me of some of the photos he has shared with our class group.

I understand that 2:00pm pacific standard time when the interview posted, was unfortunately the only time we would have been able to hear this. That is just for this interview though. Watch for more from Steve!

The interview was very interesting and informative. If you have Polish ancestry, and even if you don't (I don't), be sure to check out Steve's blog. He lists his research and family information. Steve participates in carnivals and updates local genealogy events in the Bay Area. As with many other blogs, there is always something you can learn!

I just wanted to say congratulation's to my friend Steve! It was a great interview! Thanks so much for letting us know about this so we could listen! Looking for so much more from you! And, as I told you elsewhere, you have a great radio voice!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



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