"Google Your Family Tree" - Part One

I have to say that when I came home from vacation and found a comment on my blog from Daniel M. Lynch, the author of "Google your Family Tree," I was more than surprised! I was honored that he took the time to leave a comment on my blog! He commented about me taking his book on my vacation. The comment is posted after this article "New Items Going with Me On Vacation."

Now, how special is that? I have to say it made my day! Thank you Mr. Lynch for your comment and for making my day!

I wasn't able to read as much of the book as I would have liked while I was on vacation, but then I was on vacation! I did read the first couple of chapters out of fourteen and thought I would share my thoughts thus far.

The Dedication, Acknowledgements and Introduction were great reading! The dedication had me thinking of my grandson and wondering what the computer world will be like when he is my age.

The Acknowledgements Mr. Lynch listed were interestings as several of the names are people I am aware of.

Generally reading dedications and acknowledgements aren't very interesting, but I enjoyed these!

The Intro explains about the computer world and maybe what we can expect as genealogists. The book shares sample screen shots (which I always love as I am a very visual person) and is set up to use as a workbook also. URL'S are given that relate to what is being discussed.

Some of the basics of search engines are discussed such as structuring, name queries, and commands. There are key word phrases given that all genealogists should use when doing queries! The book explains the main page of Google and the results we receive on our queries. There are exercises to practice what is being shared.

Unless you are an expert with Google, I am sure you will learn and/or be reminded of certain aspects of Google. I took several pages of notes on these first two chapters alone, as you can tell, I am not an expert with Google! Not having my laptop with me on vacation I wanted to be sure that I remembered everything I read and plan to go back and do the excerises. The terms, techniques, and applications are what I plan to experiment and play with a bit before I move on to following chapters.

I sent a copy of this book to a friend at Christmas time and she informed me that the gift was a good "two for one gift." Her husband has also picked up the book and is reading it!

I am very anxious to continue with this book. Along with everything I learn I am sure I will develop some good genealogy habits as well. Every genealogist in my opinion should own this book! I say this not because Daniel M. Lynch left a comment on my blog, but because I am sure there is something everyone will learn from this book, no matter your experience. I did tell Mr. Lynch that I would let him know how I liked the book. So far I am LOVING it, can you tell?

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



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