Blogging Prompt #7

Week #7: Share your holiday traditions. How did you spend the 4th of July? Did the fire truck ever come to your house on Thanksgiving? Share your memories of all holidays, not just the December ones.

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Other holidays when I was young, besides Christmas, seem pretty far from my mind, other than Easter. On Easter we would go to my grandparents house. Us three girls, dressed in pretty dresses, would look for Easter eggs in their backyard. Oh how the times of dressing up have changed! It was fun, I loved their backyard, there was always something to do. It had a wonderful pond and the ping pong table under a great patio. We would play croquet and jump on a pogo stick. After finding all of our eggs, we would want the adults to hide them again and again. If I remember correctly, I think we had ham for dinner, but regardless, we always had a wonderful meal that my grandmother fixed.

Fourth of July was simple. As an older child, we had a swimming pool in our backyard and we would have barbecues and swim all day with our friends. I can remember one time climbing on the roof to watch the fireworks at night. We would have sparklers, but never anything much more.

Although it wasn't on a holiday, we did have to have the fire truck come to my parents house one time. My daughter was maybe three and she had locked herself in the bathroom. She was pretty hysterical and we couldn't get her out. The fireman came and took the bathroom door off the hinges to get her out. It took many years before she could handle doors being closed behind her after that. When she started school, it was an issue, closing the classroom door. They had to leave it ajar ever so slightly to keep her happy. She wouldn't use public bathrooms, because the doors had to be closed. With time the trauma finally left her.

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