DearMyrtle's Organization Checklist

I just came across DearMyrtle's January 2009 Organizational Checklist. There are some great suggestions and ways to help everyone get organized with their genealogy! Some of these things I already do, have done and continue to do. But there are some ideas that I haven't done and am considering doing.

January's checklist is fifteen pages, with pictures and photos, and it is free! There will be posts each month of the year to help us all stay organized. You can read and download the checklist at:

The list was posted January 1st and it is now the 3rd, so we have lost a few days already! Time to head on over, and be sure to let DearMyrtle know you appreciate all the work she put into this for us!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



  1. I just posted my new years resolution on getting organized and happened to find this blog!! awesome!

  2. Hi A. Spence,

    Happy to help out! Nice to hear from you again, I will have to go and check your blog!


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