Computer Literacy

I am not very computer literate. Most of what I know I have learned by trial and error, mostly error. And when those errors happen, they can be so very frustrating. Patience is needed at this time, and generally I have quite a bit of patience. I tend to loose my patience when I know the issue is something so simple, yet I can't figure it out.

One issue I had for several months. I thought was an issue with my e-mail site. I spent many hours trying to figure it out, and wasted so much time, which is priceless to me. My immediate family is not very computer literate either, so they aren't of much help.

However, when my daughter from Tennessee came home for the holidays, she was of great assistance to me! The issue I was having, one of them anyway, was that I wasn't able to copy and paste. I couldn't right click and make it work, I couldn't use the control buttons to make it work. So whenever I did a meme or such, I wasn't able to copy and paste, I re-typed the whole thing! Of course that was time consuming also, but I did it. Another problem related was that if I moved my cursor from the main body of my typing, here or in an email, I had to start the cursor at the top of the header and tab down to get where I was to continue. It was as if my cursor would freeze.

When I asked my daughter C. if she had ever had this issue before, she said she had recently just had the same problem. I gave her the laptop and she asked me to give her a few minutes to think about what she did to correct the problem.

It didn't take her long and she showed me what she did. Again, such a simple fix! Frustrates me to no end that I waste so much time with things like this. All she did was right click, and click on the bottom message and it was cleared up! Now, I had right clicked oh, maybe a thousand times, but never thought to click on the bottom message. Of course I didn't, that would have been to easy! I look for the hard way to do things!

I had tried "help" modes and played around with the computer myself. I had asked an IT guy who I used to work with, he was the one who told me to use the control shortcuts, which didn't work either. I asked C. how she had found to fix the problem and she said she just played around for about half an hour and fixed it. Hum. I spent hours and couldn't fix it.

Apparently I would hit some button on my laptop unknowingly that caused this problem. I can't even make it happen again intentionally, but if it happens, now I know what to do!

Ok, seeing's how she was so smart and I had another issue, I asked her about that. This one took a little longer, but she figured it out also. I sat with her the night before she left and tried it a couple times to make sure I knew what I was doing. Usually when I do something myself a few times I get it. So I felt confident I had it handled.

So now time has passed, maybe what, 5 days? It dawned on me that I haven't gone back in to verify that I remembered how to go about the second problem. So here I am tonight, thinking about this and realizing as soon as I post this blog I will be off seeing what I remember. I feel soooo blonde! ;-)

From these issues however I have been reminded that my son in law may be a person to ask when I have computer issues. But for these set of events, my daughter was my IT person!

Wish me luck that I remember how to do this second problem. I pray that lack of hormones and age haven't taken my whole brain away!

(For those of you thinking about starting a blog and are nervous about it, if I can do it, so can you!)

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



  1. I've come a long way the last few years but I still run up against little things that drive me nuts. I'm happy your daughter was able to not only fix your problem but to show you what she did. I did a post once about how my then four year old grandson taught me a computer trick!

  2. Hi Apple,

    I wasn't so blonde as when I went to try what my daughter showed me, I remembered! I was so happy! It didn't help me however on what I was trying to do with it, so have to keep plugging along.

    You have to love how the kids can all teach us things! Your story put a smile on my face! Thanks for sharing!


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