Midwestern Genealogy Center

This information was sent by a member from my local genealogy society. It was forwarded to her from a friend, and now I am forwarding this information to you! Now that is how information gets around! ;-)

You may have heard about this before but for those who haven't, and I was one of them, the Midwestern Genealogy Center is fairly new and has a great website to check out. I enjoyed taking the tour. There are several databases apparently that can be accessed online.

The $8 million Midwestern Genealogy Center is located in Independence, Mo. Their holdings include passenger lists, plantation records, American Indian records, black family history records and Civil War histories. I believe they are offering classes now and have foreign language experts. Also, there is some sort of small food service available and even lockers!

Here is the website, enjoy! Check out the floor plans! It would be wonderful to live close to this, but keep in mind if you are planning any traveling in the area, this would be a great place to add to your travels.


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